HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 4 / Part 3: Temple Street

Temple Street is another place in Hong Kong that sounds very familiar to me, prior to my visit to Hong Kong. Back to a year ago when we first subscribed Astro On Demand, it’s showing this drama, 新不了情 that depicts a young girl, Ah Man who spent almost all her lifetime in Temple Street.


Getting food at Temple Street isn’t hard at all as you can see many restaurant selling hawker food.


It’s a bit hard to decide which stall should we visit, so we decided to judge the crowd. And Wai Kei won our vote. Sitting next to our table were a group of mat salleh from Germany who totally cannot communicate with the waitress at all. They had no idea what they are ordering till the dish was served that really gave them a big shocked. The waitress told them it’s chicken but end up it’s frog. Then the ‘chicken war’ started till my gf helped them to translate. So Cantonese or Mandarin is very important when visiting this kind of place.


How can we enjoy our dinner without ordering their famous claypot rice? Be spoilt for choice…


Finally, my gf decided to try their pork rib and sausage claypot rice. As you can see from the picture, Malaysia’s claypot rice vs. Hong Kong’s claypot rice = Black vs. White.


‘Ku Lo’ pork meat is easily found in Malaysia too, but this dish is excellent because of its ‘wok-hei’ (heat) and the gravy isn’t too thick. I finished almost the whole plate by myself.


We always try our best to make sure that we order at least one vegetable wherever we’re having our meal. As usual, we ordered Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Garlic – that we didn’t even manage to finish half of it because the vege isn’t cut into small stalk and it’s very hard to chew.


I don’t really love prawns and I always try to not have prawns when eating out because it’s very messy. I only had one piece of the deep-fried mantis prawns with salt and chili then the ladies finished the rest. My gf loves prawns but she is very choosy when come to food also. Since she said this dish is very nice and the prawns are very fresh, then I believe so. Or else she will not even be bother to eat more.


Just like what I saw from tv drama, ‘Street Singer’s is easily found in Temple Street.


And also fortune telling. My gf always says that the fortune teller can take away our good luck if we show them our palm.


For those who are really adventerous, perhaps this restaurant that sell snake meat would be their interest too. Thanks God that this shop wasn’t open that day, or else my gf will sure cry or runaway immediately when she saw it.


Another thing that can easily found in Temple Street is 18SX magazines. Perhaps you won’t believe it, but is true that the whole raw of stalls are selling such thing, without worry that police might seize their stall. How lucky are the men in Hong Kong! Other than that, Temple Street is just like any night market  selling clothes, souvenir and etc.


Now we’re really exhausted and have to end our trip for today…  Zzzzz…

Temple Street, MTR Jordan Station Exit A, Turn Right into Jordan Road and walk three blocks to Temple Street


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