HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 5 / Part 2: The Peak

We took a taxi from Ocean Park to Lower Peak Tram Terminus instead of taking bus to Admiralty then transit again which could be more expensive and a waste of precious time. Before we went into the taxi, the driver was so nice to tell us that it will costs approximately HKD80 and they always use the meter. Suddenly, we feel so ashamed that Malaysia’s taxi drivers hardly use meter now a day and they will just simply charge you an amount, if they know that you’re not a local and even if you are local.

Along the way, the taxi driver was telling us about Hong Kong, where should we go for dinner later and even showed us where is Stanley Ho and Nicholas Tse’s house. Not only that, he can speak a very fluent English!

The driver also offered to send us to The Peak directly as the taxi fee going to Lower Peak Tram Terminus and The Peak are almost the same. But we prefer to experience the tram ride.


The Peak Tram has been in operation since 1888. It takes people up an incline so steep that buildings look like they are leaning at a 45-degree angle.


Jackie Chan was there to welcome us while we were purchasing the tram ride ticket eventhough he does look kind of shinny.


At The Peak, we first dropped by at Madame Tussauds. For every purchase of two tickets, the visitor can get the souvenir book for HKD10 only. Just before we went inside, I saw my favourite kung fu star – Bruce Lee.


We also had a group shot with Obama but unfortunately we were not allowed to use our own camera. So we had to pay HKD90 for the hard copy. Other than that, we get to see other celebrities including…


Our very own’s Datuk Michelle Yeo


Wow, sexy sexy – Ayumi Hamasaki


Leslie Cheung – how much my gf miss his voice!


Late Princess Diana


United State’s next President *cough*


Xiao Qiao from Red Cliff


Leon Lai – which my gf complaint that his wax figure isn’t handsome at all, looks very fake! No Duh!


Ronaldo de Assis Moreira


My favourite Twins

The tour finished very soon, as there are nothing much to see like what we expected – HKD150 for the entrance ticket is a bit pricey.

We also dropped by at EA… a heaven for game lover!


To try out their latest games, I have to purchase something first. The place was about to close already, so I only have about 15 minutes there.


How I wish that I can have all these game station in my house?


Many tourists might not know that actually the best time to go The Peak is at night, because this is the only place and only time you can see Hong Kong’s night view from top. We were offered the package of peak tram and The Peak Tower Sky Terrace ticket which my gf said we shouldn’t spend on it. Reason being is why should we pay more while we can also see the night view for free at Lions View Point Pavilion?


It’s so windy! Cool! My stomach started to make noise already, want to know what did the taxi driver recommended for our dinner?… coming soon…

The Peak – take the peak tram from the Lower Peak Tram Terminus on Garden Road (walk from MTR Central Station Exit J2)


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