HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 5 / Part 3: Dinner @ Ocean Empire

As mentioned in my previous blog, the taxi driver who sent us from Ocean Park to Lower Peak Tram Terminus recommended a good eating place for our dinner. Once we came down from The Peak, we took a cab again and gave the direction as per what the previous driver told us – Wan Chai, opposite 龙门大酒家, we want to eat 炸两.

Again, it’s another friendly taxi driver again. He told us not take MTR back to Tai Shui Wan after our dinner and to not take a cab, because it will costs us a lot (For the first time in our life, a taxi driver told us to not take cab because it’s very expensive!!!) and also showed us where is the MTR station.

The taxi driver dropped us at this restaurant called 海皇粥店 (Ocean Empire) – the place where we will get what want.


The open concept’s kitchen


Hot lemon tea that regardless how many teaspoon of sugar did you add in, it’s still not sweet because Hong Kong’s sugar isn’t sweet at all?


Signature porridge of Ocean Empire – 海皇一品粥 (Supreme Ocean Porridge), with assorted seafood


Sampan porridge (Boat Porridge) – it is named so because its name originated from selling in the sampan only.


The rice sheet or chee cheong fun


Coming next is the must-try dish recommended by the taxi driver, he said we can only find this in HKG. Twisted Doughnut Ricesheet Roll (Yaw Char Kwai wrapped with Chee Cheong Fun) or 炸两 – the rice sheet isn’t too thick nor thin, while the yaw char kwai still remains its crunchiness, yummy yummy!


If I remember correctly, the bill came up to about HKD100+ only. Really glad to meet that Mr. nice driver who recommend this place to us. Thanks a lot!

Basement & G/F., Simsons Comm. Bldg., 137-139 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai, H.K.


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