HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 6 / Part 2: Wong Tai Sin Temple

Many people would travel far from other countries to Hong Kong just for a prayer at Wong Tai Sin Temple – one of  the most famous temples in the world. Built in early 20th century, this temple is famed for the prayers answer. Therefore, this temple have many visitors all the time.


There are many stalls selling neccesity items for prayer and these owners will keep asking you to buy, regardless whether you look like Chinese or not.


Don’t you think it looks like windmills?


Even though incense sticks is a must have item here, but there are certain rules to control on the usage ie encourage the worshippers to offer 3 sticks only. This certainly helps reduce the air pollution which always happen at any Chinese temples.



While waiting for Ms. Oh, both of us  just waited outside and snapped some pictures of the buildings. If we’re not that too tired and still have to walk a lot later, we will sure walk around the whole temple area.




‘Kau Cim’s is a very common practice here (almost all the worshipper will do it) but we didn’t get to see it as we didn’t go inside. According to my walking dictionary a.k.a my gf, it’s some sort of fortune telling whereby the worshipper kneel before the altar with a bamboo cylinder in hand. They will make a wish, then shake the cylinder till one of the ‘fortune stick’s falls out. Then, bring the fortune sticks to exchange for an answer paper. Our pretty Ms. Oh got one for relationship, too bad she didn’t ask for interpretation because it’s not free.

Anyway, time to go on with another destination, our itinerary for today is going to be a super long.  Onward to my next travel destination.


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