HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 6 / Part 3: Tsim Hsa Tsui, Avenue of Stars & Star Ferry

We were suppose to meet Jo for lunch but it was already past the lunch time when we left Wong Tai Sin. Jo’s office is in Hong Kong Island that we can just go by MTR but the girls wanted to experience the ride on Star Ferry.

The map that we were refering indicated that we can take the ferry at either Tsim Hsa Tsui or Hung Hom. Since we already went to Tsim Hsa Tsui two days ago, so my gf suggested to stop at Hung Hom. Who knows, it’s a mistake! End up we have to torture our legs and walked all the way from Hung Hom MTR station to Tsim Hsa Tsui (about 1/2 hour walk, phew!).


Along the way, there are many stalls  selling local street food.


Curry fish ball, squid, pork tongue, pork intestine… as the list goes on. Ms. Oh’s favourite motto – “quality, not quantity”, so we can try out more varieties.

New Folder10

We passed by many tall buildings, 5-star hotels that are located along the Tsim Hsa Tsui.


One of the significant icons at Tsim Hsa Tsui is definitely the Avenue of Stars. This place was so crowded and packed with tourists when we were here to watch “A Symphony of Lights”.


Hong Kong being the center hub of Chinese Entertainment Industry in the world, so it has every reason to pay tribute to those stars who have great achievement in this industry.


A two-metre-tall statue of the legendary kung-fu action star, Bruce Lee attracts almost everyone’s attention.


We also don’t miss any chance to snap a photo woth our favourite star’s handprints.


Commemorative sculptures of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch


Even though we have to walk so far but it’s worthy though as we can see many attractions along the way, for example, the historic clock tower.


Finally we reached our destination. Our feeling was like the participants of jogathon who finally reached the ending point. Exhausted!


Waiting for the gate to be opened.



For only HKD2, we get to enjoy not only the panoramic views of surrounding harbour, but also get to see how is this floating icon like. What an unforgettable experience crossing the Victoria Harbour!



We landed in Hong Kong Island in less than 10 minutes time, and begin our next part of adventure. Check out the next part of travel diary to know more.


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