Our Dessert, Your Honeymoon

Yesterday morning we attended the holy matrimony of my gf’s god brother and his other half. In just 45 minutes, the ceremony has set many records that was a big shock to me:

1. It was the shortest church wedding that I ever attended – only 45 mins

2. The groom has already unveiled the bride before marching in -my gf said that it is Chinese’s  tradition to do so when fetching the bride in the morning

3. The groom didn’t kiss the bride – perhaps these two medical doctors are really very shy – but,  how can this be? If I were the groom, I will make sure that I kiss on my wife’s lip as long as I can.

4. They have two priests to officiate the ceremony – because my gf’s godparents volunteer to renovated the church before and this guest priest, the old retired parish priest is now their close family friend.

Anyway, congratulations to the newly wed couple!

After the lunch reception, both of us went to One Utama which is not far from the church. The last time we went to One Utama was before Christmas, that’s like about 6 months ago. Surprisingly, this place has changed a lot and there are numerous new eating places which we want to try out. But, amongst all, this shop really catch our attention!

As written in my Hong Kong trip’s post, I am now really in love with mango dessert. This shop that we saw is called Honeymoon Dessert, oooppsss… there is a small word ‘My’ in front of it. Don’t get over excited, the correct name is My Honeymoon Dessert, not Honeymoon Dessert that I had in HKG.


Nevertheless, we still gave it a try. Inside My Honeymoon, the wall paper looks exactly same as Food Republic City Hall Singapore’s while the concept / setting of furniture is similar to Honeymoon Dessert HKG. I told one of the workers there, arent they afraid of getting sued or something? He just laughed.


Knowing me, I would definitely order Mango Cream with Pomelo and Sago (RM12) . But for no reason, I ordered Mango Slurped (RM10) instead. My gf kept asking me why I ordered this and not my favourite… well, both are also mango, so it’d fine. Who knows, few minutes after I placed the order, the waiter came and told us that they are running out of what I want. Is just a sign that I should order my favourite.


This dessert isn’t chilled before shaving, but is replaced with ice shaving. Although the shop emphasize that all their dessert are made from 100% Philippines mangoes, but somehow the pomelo is very sour. Anyway, like I always say, ‘don’t compare a mercedes to a kancil’. My gf doesn’t like it at all but she enjoyed her ‘Colourful Crystal Pearl’ (RM13).


Doesn’t it looks tempting? Comprise of Black grass jelly, sago, assorted fresh fruits (kiwi, watermelon, honeydew and mango), crystal pearl and mango puree, the portion is really huge and worth the money. To satisfy our hunger over mango, we also order Mango Pancake (RM9).


Served cold, the mango is wrapped with mango flavoured pastry skin and vanilla cream. Unfortunately the mango doesn’t taste fresh to me and it’s a bit creamy.

Even though the quality isn’t 100% excellent, but for someone who fancy dessert, this place would be an ideal place to go too. There is no way that we can compare it to Hui Lau Shan or Honeymoon, but for Malaysia’s standard, My Honeymoon is considered quite good for its standard. Most likely we will come back here again, because we were given a cash discount voucher ^_^.


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