HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 6 / Part 4: Sheung Wan, Central & Wan Chai

One thing about HKG is even though it’s very small in terms of size, but regardless where you go, there must always be a unique attraction that you couldn’t find elsewhere. For example, the ‘ding ding’ tram in Hong Kong island.


Actually we didn’t have any idea at all that which station were we at and simply hop on to the tram that goes to  Kennedy Town. Think we would really enjoy it better if we are taking the tram for fun only as there are no sign board / announcement at all where the next station is.


We got off from the tram at Western Market, where all the distinctive Edwardian-style buildings are located.


We were officially ‘low bat’ after the ladies got their very cheap dried seafood at Sheung Wan.  I was so tired i just sat down at the owner’s shop while looking at them choosing what they need to buy and bring back. Once that was done, we walked to the nearest MTR station,  and this shop in particular caught our attention.


A wide range of desserts can be found here, including this sweet jelly cake with assorted chinese herbs which is very refreshing.


This looks yummy yummy, rub my belly, let’s give it a try.


I have no idea why is it called ‘sugar onion crackers’. All that I can taste is sugar with a piece of thin pastry skin, and thing about all this type of small shops located all around town, they always have newspaper articles of famous singers, actors, etc etc. stuck on their wall to attract attention. The best way to attract customers i guess, who are gullible, like me.


Yeah, finally we’re in Wan Chai. The only place that I included in our itinerary. Before I start ‘attacking’ Fun Atelier (which i have been aiming to go ever since i landed in HK), we had our late lunch + early dinner at a very small and crowded, yet very famous ‘cha chan teng’ (coffee shop) which is near to Jo’s office.


Never ever underestimate an eating place like this. Jo said their bakery is very famous and people are willing to line up for an hour here. The best is they only make a tray of each pastries every one hour. Our first must have is definitely their signature item – polo bun with butter. Initially we were told that it’s finished, but few second later, the lady boss just remember that she kept a plate of three in the fridge. We were soooo lucky!


My gf said I must try out HKG’s signature drink – milk tea but I don’t enjoy it at all because it’s tasteless. Remember, Hongkee is practicing ‘less sugar’!


Too bad the restaurant was about to close already, so we had not much choices. The instant noodle topped with porkcube looks simple but is simply irresistible. Remember, you can only find cheap porkcubes in Kuching and Sabah.


Another Hongkee’s favourite – instant noodle with fried egg and sausage. Very home-style of cooking.


My gf was told that she must not miss the sandwich. Look at the amount of filling… my godness, you can never get it in Malaysia unless if you D-I-Y.


The girls went to walk around the wet market after meal (HKG has both morning and evening market to cater the needs of both housewife and working people)  while I went to Fun Atelier. I really had fun there and I also wish that Comics Mart is as good as FA too. I even imagine myself spending weekends in FA if our plan to stay in HKG is materialised.


I am not going to write much about Fun Atelier here because it’s already posted in my multiply. If you want to know more about it drop by and give it a read.

The ‘walk’ for today was only officially ended after we went for sight-seeing in Lan Kwai Fong. Till now my gf still regret that she went into Sasa to look for Ms. Oh and so didn’t get to see her favourite actor Raymond Lam who was driving past me. She was complaning the whole night till I zzzz…… till next morning (another beautiful day).


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