HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 7: Disneyland Hong Kong

I grew up with disney cartoon so how can I leave HKG without saying my Hello to Mickey and friends?!  Even though we reached there before the theme park opened, but there were already many visitors lining up at the entrance. We all didn’t expect Disneyland HKG to be so small, which is may be only 1/4 of Ocean Park. But we still didn’t manage to try out all the games or watch the shows, including my favourite High School Musical due to the bad weather. Same goes to the rainy day express parade that dissapoint us too.

Well, since pictures tell a thousand words, so once again, let’s step into the wonderful moment in Disneyland HKG.

New Folder11

Thanks to the tourist pass that we bought yesterday, we get to experience the ‘mickey mouse’ train without paying even 1 cent. Because Mickey is the all time favourite in the world, what better way than to make everything in the train as ‘Mickey’ trademark.

New Folder13

I just couldn’t believe that I am now in Disneyland HKG! I was excited, mesmerized, joyful happy as if its Christmas. Setting foot in this place made me wanna jump and scream ‘Woopeedeedoodahh!!’

New Folder12

Stepped into the land filled with adventure known as ‘Adventure Land’ , some parts of it was close due to maintenance and i was a bit unhappy because of that.

New Folder15

One of the main attractions in Disneyland itself other than Minnie & Mickey are the disney Princesses. These ladies walk around gracefully, smilling beautifully even under the rain being ‘escorted’ by their entourage, also known as the workers there. The Princess go to different locations on the map and attract many such people for photographs and little girls to sit on their lap. Not to mention these ladies talk so soft it gives tinggles up my spine.

New Folder14

Even while the rain wont go away, we lined up for one of the shows in the area, called ‘Golden Mickey’. I still enjoyed the show even Mickey and his friends were speaking in cantonese, and i have a hard time trying to watch the show and read the subtitles displayed on screen.

New Folder16

I was told by Jo the event where every Walt Disney characters were suppose to goes around the disney town, parading and waving to their adorable fans, to be scheduled at a certain time. We waited for it as what was written on the piece of Event paper, they did come, but alas, due to the rain, the parade was cut short. What an upset!

New Folder17

This building look small from the outside, but once we went in, i was thrilled. Wish that we can go for second ride, the music of ‘It’s a small world after all’ was playing all over again in my mind. Even until now as of this writing.

New Folder19

I feel like I am a three years old kid again, but do kids ever remember their special moments coming to a place like this? I know i do and enjoyed every piece of it throughout my life.

New Folder18After all the walking around, killing our legs and trying out the food in disneyland, we then waited for the grand finale of the main event at night. Firecrackers being shoot out into the air, of many spectacular colors. I will never forget this day, the time i come here and all thanks to my gf, who planned everything for me. If you do go to Hong Kong, never miss a moment and go visit Disneyland HKG, because you will never regret it. Goodnight and sweet dream!



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