Distant World – Final Fantasy Symphony

Final Fantasy, those that never played video games would never know it, those that have friends who play the game or watch the movie “The Spirit Within” would know it because of it’s famous title. Those that have children who grew up or those who grew up playing the classic games and the new ones will know it’s exciting story and memorable music.


If not because of my friend Nicholas Chong telling me about this, and also reliable sources which is his gf, i wont know that such a great artist, who compose the game music, the man called Nobuo Uematsu was coming to Singapore. That in turn made me quickly asking my gf to buy the tickets online so we could go and listen to the magnificent music live in Esplanade Singapore.

I was supposed to attend this special occasion with my gf, but two days before the event, another ex-colleague of mine, Nick Low offered a very good price to buy a ticket from us. My gf enjoys symphony, unfortunately FF music isn’t really her piece of cake. Somemore, she couldn’t resist the good price offered by Nick Low that she can use it for shopping instead.


The music is originally composed by Nobuo-san himself but the music is orchestrated by Arnie Roth, the man who made the songs go and played as dramatically as possible. There were many great songs that was conducted, such as “To Zanarkand”, “Bombing Mission”, “Aerith Theme” and “Eyes on Me” to name a few. Tears flowed as i hear and see people around me weeping because of the Zanarkand song and another famous love song, all because FF8 and FFX are romantic, sad, tragic stories.


In the brochure that we got, the whole event was suppose to last for 105min including intermission, and when Arnie left the stage, i felt betrayed, perplex, because i havent listen to my all time favourite and was feeling dissapointed.  He returned and gave us a piece called “Terra”, and left. But all of a sudden, he came back again with Nobuo himself as everyone in the whole theatere screamed and yelled “Encore!!!” and gave us our final piece, ‘One Winged Angel’ which is the famous Sephiroth theme.


After the show ended, me and my friend Nick Low came down to notice a lot of people lining up for the composer’s autograph. I could not wait in line for the CD or the autograph and left the building as I know that my gf has been waiting for more than 30 minutes at the MTR station. However, I was already more than happy to hear the music and i hope to come back for more in the future. There have been rumored reports that Distant World is in talks with Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Lets all hope it comes to fruition.

Picture Courtesy by Nicholas Low


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