HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 8 / Part1: Leaving HKG

How time flies and we’re in HKG for more than a week already. I am now really in love with this piece of land but unfortunately, we’re leaving HKG this afternoon to Macau.

We woke very early today to pack our luggage and also helping Jo to move out from her place to a studio apartment a few minutes walk to her office. It was so kind of her to stay here till today so three of us don’t have to pay for hotel which even backpackers place can simply cost RM200 per night.

Just before we say goodbye to this place, we had a quick breakfast at the small shopping complex inside the apartment’s compound. If I knew that this apartment even has its own shopping complex, I would definitely come and check it out earlier.

This is our first time trying out dim sum in HKG. Even though I can’t expect much since this is not the town area or Guangzhou, but it’s still considered as good enough to make me full.

New Folder20

I parcticularly like the custard pau that is very creamy. However, the most exotic food that made me craving for more would definitely be this thing that we packed home.


i am sure everyone knows how expensive is Roasted Goose. As the mover came earlier than scheduled, Jo, my gf & I went back first while Ms. Oh was there to pay the bill and waited for the roasted goose to be packed. Right when she came into the house, she told us that the bill was surprisingly cheap (which is impossible). We tried to figure out the reason behind and finally we realised that the cashier must have missed out to charge us for the roasted goose. I just couldn’t believe that while many people are complaining that how expensive it is, we get to have it for free.

The mover was so kind also to help us transfer our luggage to the pier. I followed Jo and the mover to go Jo’s new place together while the girls took MTR to Sheung Wan and meet us there later. As this is their last ride on HKG MTR before leaving, they pamper themselve with first class cabin that costs additional HKD5.



I think I would fall asleep instead if I am there because it’s too luxury!


Another quick bite at McD before departure. Shake-shake fries, shake-shake chicken and yam pie that are not found in Malaysia.

New Folder21

I don’t want to, but still, I got to say ‘goodbye Hong Kong’… and i’ll be back.



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