HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 8 / Part 2: Macau Here I Come

The most common way to travel between Macau and Hong Kong is via ferry which takes only 1 hour. We were told that TurboJet is the most comfortable ferry to take but still, the two girls were having bad headache throughout the journey and i was enjoying myself with my book and admiring the view. Anyway, finally we arrived at our last destination – Macau.

I do  not know much about Macau other than from television, HongKong drama and from the posters on some walls around KL, but it’s so obvious that everything in Macau is very different from Hong Kong. Forget about the MTR, bus and taxi are the only mode of transportations that the tourists can use to go around. Although all the taxis here are using Toyota, somehow the attitude of taxi driver really pissed us off. Because they will bring you from point A to B, rush you to take all your things in less than a minute and speed off for the next unfortunate passenger.


This driver who was supposed to sent us to our backpacker’s place just simply asked us to get off at somewhere at the backlane of some shops. Forget about our super heavy luggages, he didn’t even bother to tell us which direction to go. We even get scolded for being slow transfering our luggage. How rude! I think I will definitely get lost if I am not travelling with someone who are diverse in Cantonese and Mandarin, because no one will expect that this is where we’re going to stay.

IMG_8620 copy

Well, never ever judge something by it looks. Our room really impress us, it’s very nice for the standard of a backpacker’s place. We have our own attached bathroom and toilet, plus kettle, wardrobe, air-cond and even TV.


I really love this photo that was taken at the balcony, one reason why i took it this way is for the same reason some dramas are taken and i want to have this photo to reflect on the old shows.


This room has a kind of nostalgia feel.


I don’t feel like step out from this room at all, not because it’s too comfortable but their TV advertisment, you dont get to see this in Malaysia or any other muslim countries. But HongKong and Macau really want to show that they have a lot of beautiful sexy women, cant blame them for that, look at Miss HongKong pageant.


Another portrait shot on the street. Most would think that this photo can be taken anywhere in the world as long as the street is old, dirty and looks like the back of Chow Kit.


Most of the historical attractions are within walking distance and most of them are religious sites, just like St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.


The moment we went into this church, both of us had an idea to have a destination wedding in Macau because this church is too beautiful. The only problem is we have to fly down so many family members and really close friends here. Even though the church that we want to hold our holy matrimony is the most beautiful Catholic church in KL & Selangor, still, we love St. Anthony’s more.


The sign below says, Built in the memory of Jesus Christ our Lord and i feel enlightened to walk the streets.


A very narrow but crowded street with many shops along it, and this make you think that this place is an area of worship and a heaven for shopaholics.


We bought the Macau’s most famous pork chop bun to fill up our tummy and recharge energy. The marinated pork fillet was fried till golden brown. The bun was baked in the oven for few minutes to make it crispier.  I was told that it does look like Ramli burger but no onion, tomato, cabbage, egg, chili sauce or mayonnaise are added in. Still, it taste superb! You can just simply compare Ramli Burger to this, thats just criminal.


The Ruins of St. Paul’s in the heart of the city. It was originally a church that was designed by an Italian in the early 17th century. Somehow, a fire destroyed all in 1835 except the facade that we are seeing today. This place is always crowded especially during weekends and public holiday since it’s the signature icon that symbolise Macau.

Collage 1

The Museum of Sacred Art was installed in the original crypt of the church and contains silver altar pieces, gilded statues and paintings by 17th century.


This Chapel-Crypt was built on the same location where once stood the main altar of the Church. In the centre, on top of the granite rock, there is a bronze cross that mark a tomb. In the casket embedded in the North wall lie the mortal remains of both devotees and laymen, who were laid to rest in this church.


We didn’t take much photos inside as a sign of respect. However, it’s really a good experience as there are not many places paying tribute to Christ in such a way.


Then we went up to the Mount Fortress which was used as defence against attack by the Dutch in 1624.



Panoramic view from the Mount Fortress


Macau’s flag against the sky


We spotted this at the outside of ladies room and many tourist took photo’s here. For me just being here is enough to make me feel at ease.


Also located here is the Museum of Macau. We were unable to go in because it was closed already.


Well, we had been to the historical sites of Macau, so it’s time for entertainment later tonight which I am going to share with all in next post. Make sure you check it out k!


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  1. whoa! nice blog! very informative. would love to go Macau someday!!

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