HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 8 / Part 3: Night Life in Macau

It was about 7pm when we came down from Mount Fortress and this ‘very cute’ police car caught our attention. Cute because of the word POLICIA written on the door made me want to take it’s picture and wishing the policecar in my country was like this.


Everywhere we walk, the streets were very crowded with tourist and filled with people buying especially those  selling Macau’s specialties.


Place for tourist like us to get souvenir for family and friends. There are a wide range of biscuits to choose from.


The BBQ meat is selling very fast around this area as if there was a sale, you literally have to squeezed through just to see what the shop is selling. There were so many sales girl offering us free sample when we walked along this street. Me living with the motto “Rezeki Jangan Ditolak”, i took every opportunity to sample everything.


My favourite snacks – peanut candies. Part of me wanted to buy it but part of me told me ‘No! No! No!’ because I don’t want to end up spending few hundred ringgit seeing dentist again like what happened before, when i indulge myself last time on peanut candies.


We bought ourselves four boxes of biscuits for family and colleagues, as well as BBQ pork meat for ourself. But that’s still a lot to carry back, and i know for a fact that im going to suffer carrying it all the way down to the airport.


Macau’s main square  which has been a civic hub for centuries. Here you can see various races sitting about, admiring other passers by, and also portugese people frequent the churches around the area.



Since it’s still early for dinner, so we took a walk  towards the tall buidlings which can be seen from far away – the entertainment hub of Macau.


Earth hour in Macau,  only a few places in Macau turn off their lights to participate.


I was amazed with the interior of the hotels and casinos here. Somehow, my gf told me that there are other casinos and hotels that are greater than this.



Most of the tourists are here because of the world-class casino. Out of curiosity, we went to find out how it is, with me wearing my short pants and slipper. Unlike the casino in Genting, all the casinos here have no dress code, or else I don’t think those China people will want to come here.  The way they dress up can immediately tell you where they are from, they dress like their going to sleep and shout like as if they are in the wet market when they gamble.

Since we’re here, so we thought of to try our luck. Who knows we can gain enough to buy our dinner later? After going around for many times, we just realised that actually none of us know how to bet or even play most of the games. Even the most simple one can make us lost about HKD60, but it can really make us be addicted to it. If we didn’t leave this place as soon as possible, I can’t imagine what will happen to us.

After experiencing how Macau’s casino is, we walked back to the main square again. There were many prostitutes ‘looking’ for clients along our way back. Big breast + sexy body – but they are not interested with me at all because I was walking together with two girls, eventhough one did approch me but turned back after seeing who im with.

Already getting a bit hungry, we hustle ourselves to a place that sells good food that we cannot find here, and again dilemma on where to go. There are many food choices to choose from but it tooks us quite some time to decide what we want. Since our stomach told us that Portugese food is a must have in Macau, so we went into Estela Portugese Cuisine that’s located near Senado Square.


Food in Macau is more expensive compared to Hong Kong. For example, this Portugese style Baked Duckling on Rice costs us MOP$88.


Baked pork chop rice with tomato rice (MOP$65) – a dish that is very common to Malaysian. It is really very pricey but it’s also filled with many ingredients. Worth the money back.


Three of us were really hungry and ordered three main dishes without thinking, and when the dish arrive i was astonish as the portion was too huge for us all. Ended up we have to struggle to finish the third dish – Spaghetti with seafood and topped with cheese (MOP$78).


Overall, we are very satisfied with the food quality. I know that it’s fattening to sleep immediately after dinner, but we’re really exhausted already. We really need a cold shower and good rest, since tomorrow is the last day of our trip. We wouldn’t want to waste even one second to go around Macau… .


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  1. Thank you for sharing your trip. It will be some good tips to me.

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