HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 9 / Part 1: Exploring Macau

Today is probably the only day we woke up surprisingly early, to get ready, pack  luggage, check-out and continue exploring Macau. It was raining and our original plan was to attend sunday mass in one of the churches nearby. But all because we were too lazy,  it was raining and walking under it wasnt helping, so we end up standing at this old but packed dim sum restaurant, curious and hungry we went in. By judging the crowd, we believe that the quality should be at least above average. Who knows, the answer is NO, most of the dim sum served taste like yesterday’s food and it is very expensive. Erghhhh… curiosity kills.


Well, let’s not let the dim sum spoil our mood today, but i did however complain and compare it to other dim sum places i’ve been too. We took a cab to the first theme park in Macau, Fisherman’s wharf. The journey was less than 10 minutes but the taxi fare was about MOP$50… huhu.


We didn’t know that this place have hotels, shopping center, restaurants, waterworld and even casino. Unfortunately most of them were still closed and the rain was getting heavier, so we can only snapped photos then left.


If only we knew about this place sooner we would have drop by when we check into our hotel, and because of that im going to plan a 2nd Macau trip in the near future.


The heart wants what it wants, i definitely need to come here again because i feel like my trip is incomplete.


After that we took a cab again to The Venetian Macau, all because the rain did not stop and the only way we can further enjoy this last trip of ours was to go here.


I really couldn’t stop myself from admiring the interior… a sight to behold and going to make it a point bringing my mum and dad here one day.


Go casino first to fill up your wallet then shop till you drop, come here during the night is should be filled with many gamblers and visitors.


MU fans, beh song ah?This is the fact! Accept it. Eventhough in my work place im in the MU [Move User Team] all of us don’t like the Manchester United at all, reason, because they are overtalked overuse overexpose team and it’s like almost everyone likes them.


Just trying out to see how high tech is this directory, touch screen is in and soon motion sensor is going to take over like “Minority Report”.


It’s so Venice, except that the sky is fake! But from the picture, it looks real as if you think we are in Venice.


I dont get it why is it customary for people to drop coins into this human made river, is it for luck? Is it for some divine thing? Or is it just to polute? The picture above, on the bottom left, those things that shine in the water are coins.


Various shopping malls are all around this place, its very beautifully made and it really makes you feel like you’re in another country, and if it’s like this here. I wonder how does it looks like over there. One day, i will find out.


Lights adorn the area and bright up the place when you walk in, even if its day outside, they make it like evening inside, or morning depending on how you see it.



It’s about noon now and time to go back where we came from. There are still a few more attractions that we wanted to visit before leaving to the airport. So do keep coming back to this blog to find out more about the last part of my trip.


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