HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 9 / Part 2 (Last Part): Before leaving Macau

The weather really upset us but this doesn’t stop the town from being crowded. Umbrella’s lined up the street, people with rain coats and even there are others that brave it under the rain without any form of protection.


St. Dominic’s Church was closed already when we passed by here yesterday. So since it’s open now, we must grab this opportunity to go in.


This marvellous church was built by the Dominican friars in the 17th century.


St. Dominic’s is well-known for its magnificent altar, decorated wooden ceiling and treasury of statues and sacred art displayed in a museum occupying the old belfry.


Saw this right when we came out from church, time to go confession again;p


Where to go next? Decisions decisions, i hate decisions.


It’s hard to believe that this is a mansion and it was was built in 1889.


Located right in the centre of the old ‘Christian City’, Lou Kan mansion was the home of Lou Kan, a prominent Chinese merchant who owned several imposing properties in the city.  Wondering will there be any Stanley Ho Mansion in 200 years later? Anyhow, here are some of my favourite shots.





Can you figure out what is this?


A statue of cross behind the old shop houses


Sunday mass has just ended at the Cathedral


Hymn in Portugese


Almost all the signages are in Portugese and Mandarin only


We had Portugese cuisine for our lunch again because the girls miss what we had last night and it’s rarely found in Malaysia too, and we must try it out before we complain about it coming back.



Portugese sparkling drink (MOP$15) that was highly recommended by the owner of Boa Mesa. Variety of flavours are available.


Learning from last night’s experience, we ordered two main dishes only to share. Both are also Portugese specialties that really satisfy our palate.


Fried cod fish with scrambled eggs (MOP$102)


Chicken curry portugese style (MOP$83)

Portugese’s signature dessert – Serradura (MOP15) for a sweet final. Those who love coffee will enjoy it a lot.


I am not in the Holy land, am I?


I know that I won’t be able to have my favourite mango dessert again anytime soon, so we went in to a dessert shop while waiting for the rain to stop. Sadly, although it looks very good but it is most probably the worst that I had ever tried in past nine days.


Mango puree with pomelo and sago (MOP$22)

Before we went back to the backpacker’s place, we managed to buy the Portugese egg tart for our snacks later.


We were so panic because couldn’t get a cab to airport and in a huge bind. We have so many luggages with us and it is impossible that we can walk to the main street for a cab. The owner tried to call for a cab but there was no reply at all. He was afraid that we couldn’t catch the flight and offered to send us for a small token only. How nice of him! We will definitely recommend this place to our friends and stay here again if we happen to visit Macau in the near future.But his poor small car almost couldn’t fit in all the luggages, even his wife also surprise that why we bought so many stuff.


Indulge in the egg tart before we check-in. Miss the multi layered crispy pastry and its creamy filling!


The flight back to Malaysia seems to be a very sad flying experience to us. We just couldn’t stop ourself from missing the sweet memories that we had in past nine days. Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t sleep at all throught that 4 hours, while the one who couldn’t sleep in the flight managed to sleep for 4 hours (not because she is tired, but she was having high fever again).

Well, that’s life. We  started complaining ‘Why Malaysia XXX? once we stepped into LCCT. I really don’t mind to visit these places again but before that, where would our next trip be? Taiwan probably, since we found the Taiwan Tourist Guide yesterday in the house during spring cleaning. Either japan or Switzerland nextyear, but for now i will try out local delicacies and write about them during my travels.

BOA MESA, Travessa de S. Domingos, No 16A

Welcome 51A Home, 澳果欄街51A, Email:



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3 responses to “HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 9 / Part 2 (Last Part): Before leaving Macau

  1. nice post and great blog!
    discovered your blog a few days ago and finally i get to read all your posts about your HK, Macau and Shen Zhen trip, because I am going to these 3 places in May with my friends =)

    you recommended and commented on places which are worth visiting and places which are not, really appreciate all the comments !

    Looking forward to read about your post on your next trip ^^

    great effort and good job!

  2. By the way, I have a question, do you mind telling me the places which you stayed when you were in HK, Macau and Shen Zhen? Because I am looking for backpacker’s hostel too since we are going in a group, around 15 of us and we are all students, so we would like to stay in not too pricey hostel =)

    • herbdonald

      We stayed at a friend’s house in HKG while in Macau, we stayed in Welcome 51A. Check out my blog on HKG trip – Day 8. It’s a backpacker’s place, but it’s very clean and comfortable. Location wise is very strategic too. Shenzhen was just a day trip, we went to Guangzhou on that day evening.

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