Lucyfurr vs. Oreo

The last time I blogged about fur fur (a.k.a Lucyfurr), he was just discharged with splint on his leg for six weeks. After a week of resting at home, he started getting hyper again, even though he’s not suppose to move around a lot.


After the incident, fur fur isn’t allowed to go out from the house again. This is really torturing him. He will always try to runaway if the door is opened. Or else, he will just sit down quietly in the house with his very bored look or disturbing us when we were sitting in front of the pc, by blocking my monitor screen. He also loves to MIAW~ all the time to capture our attention.


Somehow, everything changed completely when a little monster called Oreo came into our life.


Oreo was still a very small size kitten, probably only two months old when it was given to us. Just few days before we got Oreo, both of us were thinking of to get a white kitten (black vs. white), so fur fur won’t be so lonely.

But who knows out of sudden, we met Oreo and fall in love with his very nice fur, black at top and white at bottom. She didn’t even need to think twice when the tauke offered this kitten to her.


Fur fur hates Oreo very much when he first saw this new kitten in our house. To avoid any fights, we had to separate them and don’t let them see each other if possible, as written in the book provided to us by the vetenary. They need time, especially fur fur as it is really not easy for him to share our loves for him with Oreo.

Before we went to work on the next day morning, as usual, Oreo was staying in the cage and we covered it with old towel. Until now, both of us still wonder what happen in this house when we were at work because when I let Oreo out from the cage in the evening, both of them seems to be so close to each other, playing together all around the house and even ignoring us. I always tell my gf that perhaps when we were not at home, fur fur tried to tell Oreo that they must be good friend so we will give them food, let him out from the cage and etc. just like in the movies or cartoon shows.

Started from that day too, fur fur has completely changed.

1. He hardly miaw~ now a day, it is so hard to make him miaw unless if he is tempted by food or milk.

2. He loves Oreo so much to the extent that he even share his kitty litter tray with Oreo (how can this be?). They even hug each other while sleeping. Fur fur won’t even get angry at Oreo if Oreo is eating fur fur’s food.

3. He ignore us most of the time.

4. He will go comfort Oreo if Oreo is crying.

5. He hardly want to go out again, good cat..

6. He didn’t even cry if we put both of them together in the cage or fight despite the cramp spaces.

On the other hand, Oreo is a very noisy kitten who just cannot stop miaw~ at most of the time. He needs to eat every one hour, even if he is asleep. He will just wake up, miaw all the way to the kitchen and eat, while making a very funny sound like not wanting to share his food. While fur fur doesn’t like car ride, Oreo can just sleep throughout the whole trip.

They also love to lick each other, especially before sleep. All these started with fur fur who has this weird habit every night to put Oreo to sleep. Recently, we realised that they even lick each other’s sexual organ.



Oh my God! Are they gay? I hope not.


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