OM Fruit Juice @ Jln Genting Klang

This is probably one of our favourite eating places when I first date my gf as it’s just few minutes walk from her condo. Their giant fresh fruit juices really tempt me and this make me keep on coming back here, be it only a simple dinner for two of us or treating our family members and friends.

Somehow, due to laziness, we have been missing from this place for the past one year due to its popular jam. Until oneday, when Ms. Oh came down to KL few weeks ago for an interview, my gf suggested to go this place which is filled with nostalgia for both of them.

As usual, watermelon juice is a must-have for me. It’s been too long that I didn’t come here, till I totally forgot that I can actually mix two – three type of fruits together.


Mixed with cili padi, peanut and sauce, young mango salad is a perfect starter for our dinner. As usual, something hot and sour are the ladies’ favourite.


The reputation of a good thai restaurant is much related to their tom yam. I still remember how it burns my tongue and lips when first tried it. But today, what we had is really dissapointing. Even my FW’s tom yam is much better compare to this. I assumed that they change the chef because his visa to stay in malaysia just expired.


We also ordered some of our all-time favourites like daging masak merah and telur bistik.



Ever since we received an email on how worms can hide in kangkung and cause death, fried kailan with salted fish is now our first choice of vegetable dish in any Thai or Malay restaurant. It is very weird that although I don’t like salted fish, but I like this dish the most.


Overall,  I am still impressed with their prompt service, but not the food quality and its portion. I am not sure if I will still coming back here again, as there is nothing else that I will still crave for (our new blender can make a glass of refreshing fruit juice too). It’s really an unpleasant experience when you found that your favourite eating spot is no longer as good as what you used to know :(-

OM Fruit Juice (halal), Sri Pelangi Condo (same row with Kenny Rogers) off Jln Genting Klang


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