Mint Museum of Toys

During my short trip to Singapore two months ago, we get a chance to visit the world’s first purpose-museum for toys, named Mint Musuem of Toys.


Our expectation of museum is just like any museum we know, an old yet stand alone building. This explains why we were so surprise to see how Mint is as it is located at one of the shop lots only, with contemporary setting instead. Hard to believe that it’s a museum.


Mint is showcasing an extensive collection of vintage toys, the unique collection originates from over 25 countries. It is also one of the finest in the world and largest in Southeast Asia.

One can expect world class collection of over 50,000 pieces of vintage toys and childhood memorabilia dating from the mid-19th century to mid-20th century. Each floor has its own theme ie level 5 is Outerspace, level 4 is Characters, Level 3 is Childhood favourites and Level 2 is Collectables.




I was growing up with popeye the sailor man, read Tintin comics when i was a kid, watch Felix the cat, Betty Boop and many more. This place really brings back old memories and any who wants a nostalgic feeling should drop by to read all of its history.





Mickey & Minnie were this ugly once upon a time, and then they evolved to something even more which appeal to many kids, grownups around the world.


I still remember the one car that my parents bought for me and my brothers when i was just 4 or 3years old, i still have flashbacks of myself when i was a kid.


Collecting matchbox toy cars is a hobby for centuries to come and will never gets bored with the masses.


A toy-themed cafe and bistro at ground and lower ground floor, a nice place to have one of those short drinks with friends and talk about old times. I never had the chance to try it out myself but maybe oneday when i drop by Singapore again.


I like toys, but not so much on this type of toy. The museum is smaller and its collections are lesser than we expect. But if you just want to kill your time, then this is the place you may consider. Luckily we only pay RM15 instead of S$15 for entrance fee (thanks to half price promotion for Malaysian), else I think I might regret going there.

Mint Musueum of Toys, 26 Seah Street, Singapore. Opening houes: 930am to 630pm daily. For more info, please visit



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  1. Love the new look, keep up the great work the number of visitors must have increased?.

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