Don’t wanna miss a chance

Since I proposed and my FW accepted it, we started to plan for our ‘big day’ even though we don’t have a confirm date yet. We wanted a small but intimate wedding for close friends and immediate family members only, but still, it can costs us an arm, and a leg, probably some kidneys to be sold at the black market.

We are glad that two of our friends who are graphic designers volunteered to design our wedding stationary. Somehow, my FW thinks that it’d be more meaningful if she can get this piece of job done by herslelf and getting another friend of hers to do the printing and finishers for us. Really appreciate these small token from everyone.

However, what about the rest ie wedding gown, decoration, favor, photography and etc? Wouldn’t it be nice if we can also get sponsors for all these? Unfortunately we’re not a celebrity and we don’t have this kind of privilege. But, we can always try our luck by joining all the relevant contest!

Garden of Eden

The first wedding contest that we took part in. Too bad we only win the consolation prize (which we don’t even bother to go collect it), but this doesn’t stop us from trying our luck again.

Picture Perfect Couple Contest

This is most probably the easiest contest that we have taken so far. No slogan, no Q&A, just submit a perfect photo of you two and stand a chance to win 2D/1N stay in Hilton PJ.

Choosing the most perfect couple isn’t easy especially when you have thousand of photos in your hard disk. It’s expected that many couples will submit a very romantic photo, so we have chosen ‘The Emperor and Queen’ to represent us.


We really need to pamper ourself as planning for the big day can be stressful also. Please log on to and vote for The Emperor & Queen from 27 July till 16 August. Thanks ya!

The Proposal


How will you propose to your other half? And what is the most creative proposal idea in your mind? Write in to GSC now and you may win youself prizes like room stay in Le Meridian KL, wedding gown and evening gown courtesy of Carven Ong Couture, photography package sponsored by Covershot and many more, just to name a few.

Sounds very attractive right? So how can we mist out this opportunity?! I was very happy when my FW forward the email to me last night, that we have won a love pack worth RM1,500 and two movie tickets for the premiere of The Proposal on next Saturday. OMG! This is the first time I won a prize from the contest and I just simply couldn’t believe it, until now.

That’s not all, we will also be part of Malayia’s largest proposal event on next Saturday (and this will be my second proposal!). Plus, the top 10 couples will have to do a mystery task to compete for grand prize. Are we one of them? *Praying hard*

A Virtual Treasure Hunt

More than RM100,000 worth of prizes to be won… WOW! Thanks to Weddings Malaysia, now there is another contest again with prizes from more than 50 wedding industry professionals await us.

We found that almost all these contests share one similarity – it’s open for soon-to-be wed couples. This means that we will not have any chance to join this kind of contest again in the future once we are married (unless if we divorce and married again). So why not appreciate whatever opportunities out there?

There are 57 questions to be answered which we should be able to get it done very quick. But how to complete the sentence “Participating in this virtual contest has been fun because…” in no more than 25 words is a challenge to us right now. Look like our brain have to ‘work hard’ again. Or do you have any ideas fors us?

No matter what the outcome is, experience is still the most precious prize to both of us! I can’t wait to the finale of The Proposal contest on Saturday, I won’t want to miss any chance to win a prize for our wedding.Thanks be to God for all His blessing, it really cheers up our preparation towards wedding day!


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  1. Lirine

    Wah,ur looking fwd to get married aren’t u..

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