Neutering your pet

Many would think that it’s cruel to neuter / spay the pet, but do you actually knows what are the benefits of neutering?

1. Firstly, it helps reduce the stray animals and unwanted litters on the street.

2. It is good for their health, ie reduce the risk of TVT and cancer.

3. Behavioural problem – More homely, reduce odor, reduce stress, prevents wandering and roaming in search of females, to name a few.

4. Reduces the chances of your male cat to start spraying urine to mark his territory inside your house.

In view of this, so why not consider to neuter your pet now?

Just woke up and ready to go home

Fur fur has to ‘puasa’ (a.k.a fasting) a night before the upcoming neuter. We have no idea how he do it, but he managed to escape from the cage and took his breakfast while my gf was still asleep. But the plan was still on since we have already make the appointment with SPCA.

We’re there before 9am, but there were many other cats and dogs who arrived earlier than us. This goes to show that there are many pet owners out there who will try not to have many kittens or puppies who would end up on some island out there in the future.


Oh No! They are going to cut off my ball, I don't want... help...

As usual, fur fur didn’t enjoy his car ride at all. If he wasn’t in the cage, most probably my gf’s leg or hand will have scars again. But he just lie down in the cage quietly once he was in the clinic together with many other cats and doesnt show any sign of aggresive behavior or trying to run away like many other cats i see in the doctor’s room.

The whole process took took about 3 hours and fur fur was so blur and weak when he was out from the operations theatre. We were told that he needs to rest for 5 days before fully recovered but this cat can even run / jump again like there is no pain at all after a day. Anyhow, he is now a she-male that won’t be interested to go cheeky [ hiaw ] with other female cats ;p- Less stress for us too.


By the way, just to share with all that it can simply costs few hundreds ringgit if you bring your pet to neuter / spay in the private clinic. To save on this, you may actually bring them to Klinik Kembiri which is owned by SPCA in Genting Kelang. We only paid RM40 which is really very cheap and the vets did a very good job too. More information can be found at



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2 responses to “Neutering your pet

  1. Lirine

    Kasih mai Amawww kenak ptg ya empy boy boy…

    • Lirine

      Amaww…the she-male a.k.a makhluk dua alam, kasih mai ku meda dik miaw..take care auk anang manchal amat nganu apai indai d lagik.

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