From Taiwan to Japan

Sometimes the day can just be ‘not your day’. You could have so desperate want to grab something, but there is no size for you or it doesn’t looks good on you. This is exactly what happens to my FW on last Friday when we were at Tangs’ sale. She is so tempted with Nine West’s sandal which costs less than rm100 per pair but what to do, it is just not her day, a day not for shoe, a day not for her favourite crispy chicken floss roll from her favourite snacks stall in the Pavillion.

While she was upset yet craving for something original from Taiwan, we visited Little Taiwan that is located in Food Republic. If I am not mistaken, our first visit here was December 2007.


Those who love spicy food must try out their spicy mini steamboat (RM13.90), with beef balls, beef cutlets, glass noodles, greens, mushrooms and sweet corn all in a mini hot pot. It won’t burn your tongue, but the stock that’s prepared with Sichuan pepper will sure make your lips and tongue be numb.


Otherwise, the chef recommended for me the three treasure beef noodles, that would be another good selection too. I was being curios on how this thing taste like and was wondering whether the portion was right and is it living up to my expectation.


I have a sweet tooth so I will always crave for sweet dessert whenever we are eating out. At first I wanted to give the dessert stall in Food Republic a try but my FW insisted that we should go MOF situated opposite Mercato.


Majority of Malaysians would define MOF as Ministry of Finance, but this MOF that we went to is rather known as Ministry of Food who specialized in Japanese coffee and sweets. Normally Mocha (green tea) top the menu in Japanese dessert but ever since I fall in love with mango dessert in HKG, I will always hunt for any item which is made of mango first. Just like this Mango Kakigori (RM11), which is crushed ice topped with mango and soft serve (which is rather known as ice cream to us).


This concoction taste extremely delicious with kakigori sweet sauce sauce. Different flavour of crushed ice comes with different sauce. You may pour the sauce over the ice to your own liking and ask for refill whenever you feel like having more.


The serving of XXX is actually more than enough to be shared by two persons, somehow, I just want to pamper myself with my favourite so that’s why I told my FW to order something else for herself, Mango Hokkaido Gelato Mini (RM9).


It’s not easy to get such a creamy and sinful mango flavour ice cream. Its serving is just perfect for small eater especially ladies.

In terms of food, yes, my stomach is very satisfied with what it has today (except someone who is still not so happy with the Nine West sandal). Perhaps we should go honeymoon in Taiwan then from there we fly to Japan as well (since it’s really cheap to fly Japan from TW).

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