The Largest Marriage Proposal Event

I promise that I will write about the event today, and yes, here I am to share with everyone on the largest marriage proposal event held in Tropicana Mall PJ.


We were late as we got lost ‘hunting’ for the mall and registration counter. We have no idea how to get to Tropicana Mall and once we were there then we spend quite a hefty time finding where is the concourse at all since this is our first time there.


Upon registration, we were given tag no.91 which we have to return after the event to collect our love pack. From now onwards, we’re known as couple no.91. Forget about names, only refer to me as “No.91”.


Some were visiting the sponsors’ booth while waiting for the event to start while some were busy taking photos. We even got a request from a press to pose for his camera because we were wearing our LOVE t-shirt.


We noticed this so called ‘lovely’ couple posing there all the time to capture the attention from everyone, especially the members of the media. Trust me, if you were there itself, these two was standing there being lovey dovey waiting for the judges and cameraman to look at them and take their photos. There were others too, but i was to lazy to take girls who takes multiple pictures of themselves acting all cute.


The event started off with 15 minutes proposal for all the couples, including me. All the guys are given a stalk of rose courtesy of One Lily Bouquet for this special task. You’re free to propose any way you like, for instance, kneel down, hugging, kissing and etc though, many were asked not to PDA by the announcer during the event … It’s fun but no photo to share, too busy enjoying ourself, and no time to give our camera to anyone.

Best dressed couple of the day stand for a chance to win a prize worth RM2,000. Some couple really put up a lot of effort to dress up, like going to a gala dinner. Almost all the women dress to kill showing and baring all, the biggest melon belong to the girl in the below picture but i prefer not to take “Frontal” photograph.


5 shortlisted couples were called up to the stage for cat-walk to determine who is the winner.


To us, this punjabi couple is the best dressed couple, but too bad that their catwalk is normal.The malay couple in the middle won it as they have the best co-ordinated catwalk amongst all.


Panel of the judge. The only gentleman is our very own wedding couture specialist, Carven Ong.


Next is the most-awaiting moment because the MC is announcing who are the top 10 finalists. Like what I said before, I am happy to win the love pack and I didn’t expect to be in the top 10. But other part of my soul was thinking that ‘it can’t be, our idea should be very creative to be in top 10’. When the MC called upon couple no. 71, we were still there saying 71 + 20 = 91. Ya, we are imagining of us going up the stage… dreaming! Dream till we were stunned for few seconds when we heard ‘couple no. 91’. Oh gosh, it’s not a dream! We made it…

A night before, I was still telling my FW that the top 10 will definitely have to do a quiz on how well do you know your partner. We never expect that we would be this lucky, so none of us take it seriously. Too bad we can’t go back to yesterday, or else we will definitely do our homework first. We only score 20%… that’s how lousy we are.

Knowing that we already failed the first challenge, we know that we must have failed already. Second challenge is a bit hard, express how much you love your partner without using your mouth. If someone is showing us the photo or video clip on what we did, we will definitely laugh till pengsan [faint]. Anyway, consolation is good enough already.


A photo with Carven before we went for the movie courtesy of GSC. My FW knows him back during the days she worked in hotel industry. A very friendly and soft spoken guy, I didn’t know who he is at first when he came to say hihi to my FW. By the way, “The Proposal” is a really good movie and any couples out there should consider watch this funny/romantic movie.


Love the prizes we won… very attractive! Cash voucher from Carven Ong Couture, Covershots, Le Meridian KL, The Proposal’s merchandise, 100ml incanto bliss from Salvadore Ferragamo, personalised table calendar from Storybook… and the list goes on. Even though we only won the consolation, but this is the first time we enter a contest like this and stand on the stage, facing challenges and etc… it’s really such a memorable occassion to us. This is turn made me want to join even more competitions in the future and try my “luck”.


Surely, we will have a sweet dreams tonight ^_^



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3 responses to “The Largest Marriage Proposal Event

  1. Hi Herbert, what a lovely couple both of you are!

    I’ve emailed you the photos I took at the event, as requested. 🙂

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