I am still young at heart

First of all, thanks a million to all for the birthday wishes. “I may be getting older, but I am still young at heart.”

My FW keep on joking with me that I am 31 now (she must be damn proud that she is 5 years younger than me). Still remembering many years back, I told them I will only be ready to have my own family when I am 32. A promise i made myself many years ago.

Back to my birthday, I was home at about 11.30pm and damn tired from work. Last year on my birthday eve, she surprised me with her home-made chocolate cupcakes when I came home. I know that she won’t do the same thing again this year, and I didn’t expect her to do anything also as per what she told me earlier. So I went to sleep after changing. I have no idea how long after I slept, suddenly she came and woke me up, with Oreo next to me, turned on a birthday song and holding a birthday cake.

It’s definitely my favourite – mango cake. Initially I thought that she baked it, but after I looked at the decoration, it is just impossible that her skills can be this perfect.


I have no idea where she got this magic candles, no matter how hard I blew it, the candles are still burning till I pulled it out and put it into the sink. Look at the face of agony as i tried and tried to blow the candles off, took my breath away.


Following by cake cutting, had two slices then went to sleep again till the first day of my 31 years old… and my sumptuous birthday treat at Basil Leaf. More on that soon.


Stay tuned and im going to spoil myself with more mango cake. ^_^


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