Lucyfurr and Oreo annihalated the Space Marines

Why the title you think? thats because after coming back from my holiday i found out my cat, totally destroyed my space marine models which i have nicely keep on top of my modelling table. Almost 60% of all my fully assembled models was scattered all over the room, some in the living room and some under places where i would never thought of looking.

 All because they were bored, on monday itself i saw my cat lucyfurr, climbing up the top of my model table lookin at the window trying to escape, and i tried to take him and shoo him away, he ran in a panic and kick my terminators, 12 bikes, a rhino, 2 predator tanks, 3 of my chapter master was killed, my landraider wreck and many more which im to sad to even write down.

It’s going to take me a good few weeks or even months to repair, repaint, look for missing arms and other things, and i know this is the work of Oreo who in particular love to grab my orks and play with them by pushing them all over the room, i have found a few hidden under the table of my pc. With work project and interview coming its not going to be easy for me to salvage what have been destroyed. In truth, the chaos hero abbadon the despoiler or even the Emperor of mankind himself can’t fight against “THE WRATH OF LUCYFURR”.

For all those model freaks like me, or collector item fans, keep your toys away locked and keyed in a glass cabinet if you have one. Even my xbox360 is not spared by these two cats onslaught, paw prints all over my dear machine!! Im sure i turned to Super Saiyan Level 5 on that day.


Two cats happily sleeping in the hobby room


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