Birthday Luncheon @ Basil Leaf

A hectic month, another day another tomorrow, i was almost caught in a car accident on my birthday, what bad luck for me! All because people nowadays simply drive whatever way they like, they will still turn left even though they are not suppose to turn left. I was very mad at first, but my FW said why should I let these things spoil my mood because I am suppose to enjoy my birthday luncheon that took place at Basil Leaf, an Indochine restaurant hidden at Jalan Damai . Also joining us was a special guest from HKG, as this is her belated birthday luncheon.


A walkway flanked with bamboo lead you to this bungalow style of restaurant.


Tastefully decorated’s dining room. The lounge is even nicer, unfortunately no photography is allowed unless someone is in the picture.


We chose to sit at the open dining area, surrounded by plants, water and fishes.


A glass of lemon grass drink is truly refreshing on a hot day and its refillable. ^_^


The set lunch offer is really value for money. For only RM19.90, the set menu comes with appetizer, choice of main dish, dessert and free flow of lemon grass juice.


We ordered two sets to share. I like the Phad Thai (Thai glass noodles), the presentation might look simple but the chili flakes and lemon juice really make the dish be extra tasty. Also, we don’t get more bean sprouts than noodles like any fried noodles elsewhere.


Meanwhile, the Thai green curry set’s standard is not really up to our expectation.


“Quality, not quantity” is what we always emphasize when dining out. As such, we also picked up some of the items from appetizers and dessert menu. If I have to vote for my favourite dish, I would definitely choose Pearl of Basil Leaf (RM50), which is a platter of varities starters.


You might not believe it, but we really don’t have enough of the perfectly cooked salmon wrapped with Vietnamese rice sheet, and so we asked for another serving again. (RM24)


Seriously, all these dishes are more than enough to make us full. Somehow, my FW insisted to have dessert as sweet finale because Thai dessert is her favourite. So three of us ordered three different items. As usual, how can I say NO to mango?


Mango Sticky Rice (RM13)

A must have dessert for my FW everytime when we visit a Thai restaurant


Water Chestnut and Jackfruit in Coconut Milk

Vietnamese Tapiaca Pearls with Honey Dew in Coconut Milk for Jo


The food and atmosphere here are really good, but it could be even better if I don’t have to go work after that. We could have gone for karaoke or enjoy a longer lunch hour if i wasn’t rushing to work! Or if I managed to swipe my shift, dinner at this kind of restaurant must be a fantastic experience. By the way, Basil Leaf is another alternative for those soon-to-wed couple. Check it out!


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