Dream Wedding Gown

Any girl, especially those soon-to-be wed bride, will sure have their dream wedding gown in mind. Some might even tell you that they start dreaming of it when they’re still a little girl.

As we have only about 8 months left, wedding gown is an important task to look into. In fact today is not the first gown fitting session we had. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but in fact we visited a few bridal shops in Kuching when we were back for CNY early this year.

The sales girls were very helpful (in another word, they want to make more $ only) and took out so many gowns for her to try. But somehow, all the gowns look more or less the same, not much surprise. Yet, just to rent a gown, it can simply costs you from few hundreds to even thousand plus, depends on how new is the gown. Normally the size of gowns are quite standard too, so certain part might fits really well and certain aren’t.

Then, we headed to Guangzhou for another round of gown hunting session during our trip to HKG in March. Not many people actually know that Guangzhou is the centre hub where most of the bridal shops from all around the world get their stock from. Pricing wise is very reasonable as well, we were given up to 70% discount when they know that we are from Malaysia to do purchasing here. So after discount, a brand new wedding gown can costs just few hundreds ringgit, even cheaper than the rental. Given the half a day time, we bought 1 wedding gown, 1 evening gown, 2 cocktail dress, 1 suit, 1 traditional costume and 1 cheongsam with less than RM1,000.


Settled!? Months after that, I realised that I am actually bored with the wedding gown we bought, there is no surprise at all as I already knew what she is going to wear on the wedding day. So we thought that isn’t that it would be good if  this gown is worn for pre-wedding photography instead (and to ‘trash’ it) and get a second gown for the actual day.

From that day onwards, my FW has been spending lots of time searching for wedding gown on the internet. I have no idea how many design does she has in mind but where to get her dream gown could be another headache again. There are many tailors in KL now a days that provide made to measure wedding gown with a very low price (which means you can’t expect too much on the professional services and quality too). On the other hand, we cannot compromise on the quality as well because the design and material itself can make your dream gown looks gorgeous, or vice versa.

Till we took part in The Proposal finale and won ourself a voucher from Carven Ong Couture, our decision is almost firm – to get a Carven Ong’s custom made wedding gown. We also never expect to discuss on further details so soon till we were there this afternoon to measure my FW’s super long veil (for pre-wedding photography).

My FW tried on 6 pieces of gown to see which cutting best match her. It makes a lot of difference when you have a professional designer to give you opinion, one of the reasons why you should get a custom made gown for the big day. There are so many small details to take care of, which you can never get it from a bridal house.

Me being me, will just sit at the side flipping through the magazines, as usual, and give my comments whenever I have to. I know that both of them were busy discussing on the design and materials after that, even though I have no idea on the details as they were speaking Cantonese (alien language). I know my FW very well, she will complain a lot if that’s not what she want. But guess what, she was so happy since we left Prince Hotel and dreaming of her ‘gown’ till now. Most likely she will have a sweet dream as well tonight, same goes to me, who enjoy seeing her trying out the gowns, one by one.

How will the final piece looks like? Hmmm… I am just like everyone else, will only get to see it on the actual day itself. It’s gonna to be a surprise to me for my wedding!


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