CROCS – Im Loving It

The name “Crocs” is no longer strange to most of us. However, I do not know why many people are willing to spend hundreds on a pair of rubber till I tried on it for the first time last night. It is really very comfy and light, falling in love with it, feet meeting rubber. Though my friend did say Crocs is a bit gay for men, but perfect for women.

Good stuff is hard to find and hardly ever cheap, I am not the type who will spend few hundreds on a pair of sandals. But right now it is selling at around RM35 per pair only, so how can I say no to it? In fact a lot of people already started grabbing as much as they can when they know that the Crocs stall at pasar malam is not the pirated one. It came out in a Chinese paper that a guy managed to steal the rejected stock from Crocs’ factory in China and cargo it back to Malaysia. This guy has now been arrested by the police, so it means that whatever stock he has will not last long too.


Since Crocs become the hot issue in the market and in the newspaper, there are also people who say that these crocs are not original. Somehow, we just don’t find any part of it that looks fake and the most important is, it’s still very comfy not to mention the smell, the smell of the Crocs plastic is exactly 100% the same as the original one. It is very personal that whether you want to believe is it original or not, or you still prefer to spend hundreds for a pair of it. Is entirely up to you, but makesure you go and grab a few before the authority grab it from you.


If we happen to see another Crocs stall at pasar malam now, I am sure that we will grab more different design. The current one im using now is only pair of Bata sandal that have been loyal to me and have travelled to Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Macau with me before, soon it’d be Crocs’ turn. Especially during our at least 2 weeks long adventerous’ honeymoon trip next year. So may I now call myself as a fan of Crocs too!? (^_^)


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  1. serena

    I bght six pairs .The Cayman sold at Rm 25, heels at 30.Slippers,in between toes n flats at Rm 20.Its real comfy.I wud not buy at Crocs store though.I hv been wearing ASADI to anywhere.Soft n comfy.The RM 16.90 ones.Now Crocs at affordable prices.Available around Penang markets.

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