Cervical cancer vaccinations for all girls

“Now I can save my money instead of spending thousands on my daughter,”  this is what my FW’s boss told her when they read the news today. Thanks God only girls aged 13 and below are entitled for free vaccination or else I am sure that she is mad now, as she had spent nearly thousand ringgit on this.

I still remember back to a year ago, we visited our regular clinic doctor and also a gynae to consult them on this matter. Since we have a plan to have our own family within two years time, so she think this is something that she must do before the wedding. It tooks her about 7 months to complete 3 jabs, and sufferedof muscle pain for two days everytime after the injection. Besides, she was also advised to not plan for any pregnancy yet within 10 months time frame, from the say of last jab, since there is no proof yet that the vaccine is safe to pregnant woman.

For certain unknown reason, even though cervical cancer is the second killer to the ladies in Malaysia, the ladies would rather spend few thousand on a handbag, branded clothes or anything else, they just don’t see any reason to spend a thousand ringgit on three injections that might save their life.

Well, this is a true story happened to the sister-in-law of my FW’s colleague. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer after few months pregnant. The gynae advised her to abort the baby so the mother can receive treatment immediately, but she refused. Although the baby was born safely, but her health condition doesn’t even allow her to discharge from hospital at all. Instead, tumours were found all over her body and she had many rounds of surgery. Lastly, the doctor told the parents to let just the baby girl leave the world.

So is it worthy or not to spend on the vaccine? Yes or no, you decide it.


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