Back to Nature at Naili’s Place

A reader left a message for me and complimented that I am honest in what I wrote. I must admit that I am also one of those many out there who read other people’s blog, to know what are the good eating places before I try it out. Therefore, I always remind myself to be very honest while blogging. If the place isn’t worth to spend your $ at, why would you still want to recommend it to the others?

Well, let’s get back to our main topic today, Naili’s place. The last time we visited Naili’s was about two years ago and we end up at this place again because of the cheese macorroni, which was prepared for dinner but was spoilt by a smelly bad egg. Even during this writing, i can still imagine it as if it happened an hour ago.

I cannot deny that Naili’s Place in Sentul has a very nice landscaping design that will certainly gives you a feel of back to nature.


 It was about 8pm when we reached there but somehow, we didn’t see much customers as well. Not even a waiter / waitress escort us at all upon our arrival. So we just simply chose where we want to seat – a private ‘pondok’ style dining section like traditional kampung people do. Who knows, a guy suddenly came to us and said that there were only two of us.


Instead, we’re told that we must pick a table at the common dining area only. I can understand why they are doing so if the restaurant is full but it’s not. This place which has seating capacity of 350 pax wasn’t even 10% full. Sigh… we almost feel like leaving the place immediately.


Now I wonder what’s the minimum requirement to climb up to the tree huts.


 The menu has not much surprise as it comprises Malaysian’s favourite food plus some common Western dishes. I expected a great taste from my special Temasik Rice but the butter rice doesn’t even have any butter taste. I would say that Ayamas’ frozen fried chicken is even better than what I was served.


Mee mamak that’s over price, if you prefer to eat a mee mamak i would suggest Nasi Kandar at Bangsar or the one in Genting Klang called Steven’s Corner. Better and worth the price.


ABC jelly with ice cream is surely the only item that pleased my tastebud, because i have a sweet tooth anything nice and sweet and is called “ABC” is good enough for me. Explains why most malaysians are obese and have diabetes plus high cholesterol level.


Our bill came up to RM30 plus, which makes us really regret for coming here. I doubt so the quality of food and service here deserve that much. Look like it’s really hard for us to consider come back here again! Looks like it will be another 2 years before  i set foot there again, not the mention the mosquitoes was having a field day having me for their “dinner”.


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  1. Hey there cousin! =D Haven’t seen u since KK….

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