Tenji Japanese Buffet

We are still very excited with the dinner last night – Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Solaris Mont Kiara. We didn’t plan for it at all, it just happened to be, spur of the moment event in the evening. Originally we’re suppose to go Xenri D’Garden Terrace @ Menara Hup Seng but who knows it was closed for private function, lucky for us. Then, we went to Rakuzen but no buffet on Saturday night. My FW was craving for Japanese ryori and insisted for Japanese buffet only (don’t ask me why and I am sure it’s not because she is studying Japanese now).

Seriously, yesterday was the first time we drove to Mont Kiara and you know how ‘good’ is the sign board in Malaysia. We got lost at Hartamas, Mont Kiara and even at Solaris Mont Kiara itself, lost of direction when we came up from car park. Luckily, a good mannered citizen whom we all know as the taxi driver, showed us the proper direction and i trust them the most as they are the masters of shortcuts and so on when it comes to areas of interest. [ TIP: If you ever got lost, stop by at a taxi stand and ask these kind gentlemans, you may get the good ones or the bad ones, your luck.]


It’s already about 8.45pm when we reached there. Hungry and unable to think properly, we went in, deciding to go or not to go because of the price. In the end we end in, paid for it and was amazed. Plus getting lost looking for our table.


We were so worried at once that the restaurant could be full house, because of its well known popularity in Kuala Lumpur, we decided may as well. Despite the hefty price, i really do not mind because it’s my FW birthday. But for those who wants to impress your gf/bf/family/in-laws/scandals/ be sure that it does cost a lot. I even saw a guy running to an ATM machine while the gf was there waiting, pity the poor lad i got to say.


Well, I am sure that we won’t waste our time looking for table anymore during next visit as it’s already pre-assigned when we paid. The 1st thing im going to do when i come here again in the next few months is to take the food then go to my table.



I was so happy when found out that they are having free flow of young coconut here. Guess what, we had 10 of it during two hours of dinner. But i still feel its not enough, if we didnt got lost looking for this place i guess the number of coconut that im going to consume would double that.


Didn’t the buffet counter make us drool? Eventhough this counter does attract my stomach but it was another section which i targetted every 30mins or less.


What we picked from sushi counter isn’t even 1/4 of what they have here.


Sashimi is a not-to-be missed item also when you’re having Japanese buffet


There are unlimited serving of salmon, tuna, abalone, scallop. octopus…


I couldn’t remember how many plates of salmon did I have while waiting for my Unagi. It is really very fresh!


It is only worth the money you paid when you take only the expensive stuff over and over again. Ignore those local and inetrnational food! And so, my FW had a dozen of oyster all for herself and i had many plates of Unagi.


We were stunned for a second when first saw this giant oyster that is bigger than my palm, do not let the picture fool you. Be there or be square because this thing is not to be missed.


It is grilled to perfection before topped with diced mango and onion, i never really tried it but from what i concure, with so many people lining up for this thing. It must be good, and it must be very worth it.


Also found was the giant cockles, i honestly thought this thing comes in smaller packages but i was astonished to find out that its huge.


Kill two birds with one stone, Baskin Robbin’s Lychee and Mango Mousse Cake for the birthday girl. At least then I don’t have to spend buying her a cake anymore^-^


We were so full after about 2 hours of non stop eating, so by the time when we attacked the dessert counters, both were already almost faint due to indulging ourselves [pengsan]. But we couldn’t say no to Baskin Robbin, Haagen Dazz and also Kindori’s free flow ice cream. Too bad, we were just too lazy to take photo anymore.

I don’t mind to visit Tenji again but definitely not this year, wallet bleeds and tummy need to rest before overload again. Need to look good before wedding. I need to look fit in my tux too, time to hit the gym.

Lunch – RM77++ per person, Dinner – RM88++ per person; www.tenji.com.my


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