Monster in the house

We are now officially ‘low-bat’ after another round of studio photography yesterday (one of the prizes we won during The Proposal event). Supposed to wake up early for the Terry Fox Charity Walk this morning, however we were really tired and couldn’t make it. All because of a night out during Halloween.

Due to busy life, we also hardly stay at home recently or spend time with the two cats. Just like last Monday, we were out since 9am till 11pm plus, we were well prepared that the monster Oreo will surely mess up the house, as he usually does if we didn’t come home at certain time. Surprisngly, nothing happened but both didn’t even bothered to miaw and just ignored us when we opened the door.


The reason why we called Oreo as a monster because he is really such a monster who can turn the house up and down like the aftermath of a tsunami (it might be unbelievable, but he does react when we call him monster Oreo). Kitchen napkin and toilet roll are his favourites, if we didn’t keep it somewhere that he can’t reach, he will just grab and shred the whole roll into small pieces. A real Nightmare!


At first we thought that he should be less hyper after being neutered, who knows it doesn’t help at all, except that he isn’t interested with female cat at all. Sometimes he will still be very ‘manja’, want us to pamper him or suck/bite my FW’s finger till he fall asleep. He can also get jealous over my other cat furfur easily. He loves to disturb furfur sleeping especially if he saw furfur sleeping at his ‘territory’.  He really treat himself as a king in this house and we are his slave!


For quite some time, he must want to sleep with my FW at night and he will cry if she didn’t bring him in to the room. Somemore, he must want to sleep next to her only, which means in between both of us or even just simply ignore me and even at times sleep at my side of the bed and on my pillow when im not around. So now you know whose bed is it. Somemore, he will usually wakes my FW up at 4am or 5am when he is hungry. Think this is how life going to be when we have a baby in the close future, or it could be worst than this – forget about your beauty sleep.


On the other hand, furfur’s behaviour is totally opposite with Oreo. He is sooo pondan and miaw like a female cat. All he knows is just to eat and sleep, this explains why he is so heavy now. For certain unknown reason, he will kick me away when I try to carry him. But seriously, he is very heavy and I really dunno how to carry him like how my fiance does.

My FW and I always joke around that furfur must be wondering why we took a monster home in the first place. Instead of keeping him company, the monster is bullying him more often. He must be very happy when the monster is being punished when i put Oreo into the cage, only then FurFur will be sleeping like a pig, lying down with his tummy up and both legs opened, hahaha…


Anyhow, both of them share the same characters too… eat certain flavour of can food and use only certain brand’s litter sands. These two cats are just too lucky to be with us and have someone like my FW who treat them as her precious. Most of the time i feel sad when i see dead cats on the road, or see little kittens even being thrown out of a car. These two should feel lucky we saved them and decided to keep them as our pets.


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