Kik Kok @ Ikano Power Center

I love food, because it can make me tummy happy. I am always curious when seeing something new that I never tried before, but curiosity can kill the cat. This happened to me for many times, yet it doesn’t stops me from being ‘adventerous’ again. I can’t be that unlucky all the time right. For instance, the kik kok at Ikano.


It’s just a very small stall located next to the escalator, but its name ‘Kik Kok’ has captured my attention. I bet most of you must be thinking the same with me, what does Kik Kok means. There is no such word for it in the English dictionary at all, but those who can read mandarin can immediately tells that it is literally means as ‘crispy’. To be more precise, it is actually just a very thin version of pancake called crepe, filled with jam or other ingredients.  


Unlike my FW’s chicken floss crepe, my peanut butter kik kok wasn’t made upon order. It was a bit hard and cold but still good enough for a quick bite before dinner.



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