Italiannies @ The Gardens

After attending sunset mass last Saturday evening, my FW suggested to go The Gardens for grocerry shopping, as well as early dinner. Gardens is one of the very few shopping complex in town that have endless choices in exotic food. You name it they have it. With a lady who is craving for Italian cuisine today, we head down to the Italiannies.

It’s just early 6pm+ when we arrived there. The waiter escorted us to a table at non-smoking area, over-looking the noisy traffic of KL from the window. While waiting for our food to be served, we were discussing on our wedding preparation – choosing my fourth bestman, transportation arrangement for the bridesmaids and bestmen, etc and etc.

The first dish served was the unlimited flow of bread. It’s best to taste with olive oil – the essence of Italian cuisine. We particularly like the wholemeal bread but just after two pieces of bread, we can feel that our tummy was starting to get full. Gosh… this is just the starter. Yet the waitress brought us another plate of breads again.

Next on our table is the Margherita Pizza. What we love about Italian pizza is even though the topping are tomatoes, basil and mozarella cheese only, it is still very tantalizing because it’s charcoal baked. Even tastier if you sprinkle some chili flakes on it.

My FW wanted to order tiramisu at first but I was so tempted to try out this new specialty – Quattro Platter. Again, the portion of this dish almost give us heart attack because it is really huge. But quality wise it wasn’t up to my expectation.

We tried and we tried but alas our stomach could not finish the last plate. Thus, our total bill is only RM60.70, which is really cheap for Italian restaurant’s standard. I will sure come back here again, but will just order one dish and shared by both. Else I will be ‘DBKL’ again!


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