Road Trip to the Historical Town of Malacca

Melaka is a place that I always want to go since few months back but just don’t have a chance to. Driving to Melaka is actually kinda like stuck in a very bad jam in KL, that will take me 1 1/2 to 2 hours just to reach home. But the nightmare will start if you’re going to Melaka during holiday season, because once you have exited the Ayer Keroh toll, a long jam start from there, all the way down to the town itself and this can last up to an hour.

It’s heavy rain when we reached Jonker Street so we just head on to ‘recharge our battery’ while waiting for the rain to stop. Of course, how can we come Melaka without having the most famous chicken rice ball even though all the chicken rice shops are full house?! I was also surprise and amazed that there were also many shops opened around the area that also sell the same thing, but i came to the one i like the most ever since i came to Melaka ages ago.

We managed to get a table very soon without lining up like the rest do *potong Q* again. As usual, my FW would placed the order on behalf and start waiting for the food to be served, reason because she can speak canton while me and my brother and his gf stood there looking at the menu. The service here is surprisingly fast as the chicken rice balls and chicken meat were served within ten minutes. Simply love the rice balls even though it was cold. Possibly due to the rain and the crowd, nonetheless the food here is still superb just like yesteryears.

 There is nothing to shout about with this roasted pork compare to those I have tried in KL.

Otak-otak (a.k.a ‘brain-brain’) is a specialty from Muar but it has become one of the must order here. I still prefer the grilled otak-otak wrapped with banana leaf, although the steam version is equally appetising. There is one particular shop in Tropicana mall which sell many varieties of it, that would be a different story.

The sweet dessert for our lunch was the ais kacang which can only satisfy my hunger for it because it is not up to my standard. I still prefer the one made by the old lady up the road before going to this one, but i would settle for second best.

The rain stopped right when we finished our lunch and so we could enjoy walking down the Jonker Street without any worry. Two years ago, I was here during the evening time and what I experience is totally different from what I am seeing today. The street is still busy as usual and full of ‘nyonya’ feel, except that the vibrant of an old town isn’t there. 

I have no idea why this dessert shop is so famous while it’s just selling the ordinary desserts. I will sure try it out during my next visit, provided I don’t have to line up.

Although this is my third time to Melaka, but I still love to visit all the churches and historical sites here. I’m a historian, pursuer of the truth, and i believe there are many more historical sites to be found in Melaka.

However, I won’t pay RM10 or more for a short ride on trishaw going around, unless if I am a foreigner. Or provided my parents come down and they havent since for a very longtime. Then i do not mind paying for them, and for me, i would rather walk.

I found it very funny as the trishaw were playing Michael Jackson, Elvis Persley, tamil, mandarin or even malay songs, plus Techno ahbeng song. Wouldn’t it be better if they play traditional songs instead? P.Ramle comes to mind.

Unfortunately, my FW was not feeling very well and start having fever, so I didn’t get to explore more. Need to rush back KL before anything bad happen to her and even my bro and his gf were worried. Anyhow, Melaka is always one of my favourite cities and I will sure be back again, soon.


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  1. hehe I liked the food photos 🙂

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