Wedding Colour

Once we have announced our wedding date and sent out ‘save the date’ card, many come and asked what is our wedding theme colour.

A wedding without a theme colour will lack of the ambience and mood. The colour chosen should also reflects the personality of the bridal couple. It could be a colour that is meaningful to both, or your favourite colour. If you are choosing more than one colour for your wedding, then must make sure that the colour combination works perfectly. Also, the theme colour should be decided during the initial stage of wedding preparation so all your wedding vendors can work according to the theme, for a truly wedding occasion that belongs to your two.

Back to our wedding colour, in fact my wedding planner a.k.a my FW already started brainstorm on it many months ago. Since we are going to have a garden wedding dinner, so she initially proposed a very environmental friendly theme colour – apple green. For this theme, we will be giving away green apple as thank you gift, use gren apple for table centerpiece, bridal car decoration, etc and etc… as the ideas go on.

Soon, she was wondering why must we stick to one colour only as it is too common already in most of the wedding today. With reference to the Pantone guide, her favourite hot pink was added into our theme colour. A combination that I like and fits the garden wedding too.

Somehow, bride-to-be is always very frequent minded person. Her reason to not have apple green and pink as our theme is it is too ordinary, lots of Malaysian are having this theme colour now. So she think that we should choose a colour that only minority will go for – black and hot pink, which is a combination of our favourite colour.

In Asian culture, black symbolised bad luck and is more for a funeral, not wedding. It’s not surprise at all to receive critics because there are still a lot of close minded people around us. We won’t change our mind again and even decided to have everything ranging from the stationary to decoration, attire, cakes and etc to be in black and hot pink. We can never please everyone so why let them to ruin our decision. Afterall, it should be a theme that represent both of us, not everyone.


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