Hamper of Joy

Sometimes I always wonder to myself, what does Christmas means to those less fortunate? Will they feel extra lonely? I think I would, if I were them.

So when we get to know about the Hamper of Joy event organised by the one of the church’s committee, we decided to join without any hesitation. Hamper of Joy is actually a charity event for the poor and marginalized of society during the season of Advent. Everyone are invited to take a card from the CANDLE which is placed at the Church foyer.

Each card will state the wish gift of the pre-identified recipients, some of them want a walkman, some wants a toy, some want Anlene milk powder, an umbrella walking stick, some want a pair of jeans… and many more. Many were around to take the card, and then left to grab what was written. There were quite a few items i wanted to take but i just could not figure out where to get them.

I actually wanted to get a walkman for a blind man but we just couldn’t think of where to get it during that time. So in the end both of us pick two cards stated… not to tell. I will definitely walk around town to look for places which sell one of the older stuff which we can get in the 80’s and i will provide the elderly what they want.

Nicely wrappred with the wish card on top, the presents were then placed in the designated box. Even though it is not an expensive gift, but we just hope that this small token can cheer up someone unfortunate this Christmas. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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