My favourite food in town – I

Compare to many other young couples who are staying on their own in a big city, both of us are considered as one of the few who hardly eat out, even during work hours. We always bring our own food (a.k.a bento of love) to office, healthier and cheaper, not to mention it beats trying to line up or wait for your food to arrive while worrying that the time is about to end.

So whenever if we get to eat out, we must grab the opportunity to try something new or my favourite food, especially when I am craving for it.

Curry Laksa / Yong Tau Fu @ Brickfields

 I don’t know why majority always relate Brickfields with Indian. I also used to be one of them, until I stepped into this area for the first time in my life sometime around mid of this year. Surprise, bunch of good Chinese food awaits. For instance, this curry laksa / yong tau fu at a coffee shop right opposite YMCA.

We used to be here every Sunday after going church and before my FW went for her Japanese language class. There are many good food stalls at this shop. I am a big fan of curry laksa but it isn’t the first dish that I tried out here because I never know how to order it., until my FW gave it a try.

Actually this stall is mainly selling Yong Tau Fu, however, you can choose to have it served with curry laksa, kueh teow, bihun or fish ball soup. I love this dish because the yong tau fu are really fresh and the taste of curry soup is just perfect, not too oily nor too much santan. Perfect for those who wants to take care of their weight, and me being a food critic the dish served is excellent.

Pork Intestine Porridge @ Changkat Tong Shin

This shop has been in Changkat Tong Shin for more than 40 years. My FW introduced this porridge to me two years back when I went to meet her for lunch and mostly now i take the opportunity to come over during her lunch break. Since then, this place has become one of our favourite lunch spots.

Early bird who is working at Bukit Bintang area may want to consider this place for their breakfast as it is open from morning till late lunch. Besides pork intestine porridge, their signature dishes also include curry laksa and assam laksa. So far I had only tried the earlier one which I must say that it is one of the best too.

This dish may looks very simple from the photo but it’s also a dish that is hardly seen elsewhere in KL. The porridge has been cooked for long hours for the fine yet smooth texture. Generous portion of crispy pork intestine is added in before served. It have an extremely sensual taste all because of the ingredients added to it, and for RM5 it is definitely a dish worth trying for the food lovers.

Part II to be continued soon, if I have a chance to go for my favourite food, provided my FW is lazy to cook.

Restoran Kam Fatt, Changkat Tong Shin


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