Restoran Fortune Steamboat@ Kepong

I have been in KL for many years and yet, after coming over to Kepong for the first time ever in my life i never knew that i can stumble upon a place recommended by a friend whom i met during my CMPC . I have been to many such (All You Can Eat) Steamboat buffet and this place deserves a lot of credit. We were to have a gathering here with the rest of the other CMPC members and we followed the address given, honestly this place does not dissapoint.

The first thing that grab my attention was the location, never knew that the place called Kepong is not what i know it to be, i hear stories of it but you just have to be one of those people who just have to go there to find out. One of the place  i want to mention today is the steamboat restaurant called “Restoran Fortune Steamboat “. It is situated opposite Jusco Mall and behind the 2nd row of shop lots, and for many food lovers there are a lot, or may i say many food outlet at this location. Competition is tight and looking for the best or mediocre eating place is not an easy task, especially when advertisements are everywhere and nicely decorated restaurants usually attract the timid minded customers. From the outside this place looks plain, but do not let that fool you, that almost fooled me until we sat down and ordered.

There are many varieties of dishes to choose from, and it’s non-halal one. Meats and seafood are marinated with different seasoning to provide more selection. Seafood is very fresh, so my FW had finished almost 1/2 kg of prawns. Besides the normal steamboat, there is also a hot plate for bbq, which is rarely found in many other steamboat buffet restaurant. 


After talking to the owner (something i never do in all my previous food blogs) he mentioned that he changes the menu every week. Meaning you will not get the samething twice whenever you come over for another bite. My friend Agnes and her husband, who are frequent customers said that only the main dishes are different, but they are not to sure of the ice cream. Also you can bring your own tea of you fancy it.

One thing good about this place is, you can eat and eat to your hearts content and when your tank is full. Go walk around Jusco, watch a movie or go buy groceries at Carefour nearby or the other way around. The only main drawback about this place is, you would need to drive as the only means of getting here is by using a bus.

You can also make reservation for it during the weekends and the business hours are between 5Pm – 11PM. Eat all you can for only RM18.80 per person.

Restoran Fortune Steamboat, 63-65, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2, Taman Usahawan Kepong.


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