Nyonya Colors @ The Gardens

Again, I wish to reiterate that The Gardens is really a food paradise. A high class shopping mall that you can find all kind of food. You name it, they have it. All because of this, although we already had pur early dinner last night before going out, but we really cannot say no to the temptation of the food there. Honestly, if i had the stomach for it and the cash to endlessly try out all the delicacies in the building itself, you would see me posting a lot on food for a day.

The “kuih nyonya” displayed at the front counter all look mouth watering and if i could i would try all of it without thinking of being a sinner of “Glutony”. Eventually i took a few to give it a try, and me being the lover of all things nyonya, thanks to the spectacular show called “The Little Nyonya”, i just had try it.

The first sensation i had when i put the “kuih” into my mouth was, it is freshly made, not kept like most kuih you find in other small stalls or night market. Kuih Nyonya is different than malay kuih and it have the aroma, the exquisite taste, and the tradition mix into one well made dish.

Kuih Talam, Kuih Nyonya Sweet Potato, Kuih Talam Keladi,  Kuih Talam Ubi, Kuih Bingka Ubi @ RM0.90 per piece

Not many choices are available for main course, but my FW choose to have Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken (RM8.90). Unlike any other nasi kunyit, the glutinous rice is cooked with white pepper to give it an extra fragrance, and is best accompanied by a bowl of chicken curry which the gravy is rich in taste.

As usual, we will always order ABC (RM3.80) for a sweet finale. Personally, I like this more than the one at Mark’s Assam Laksa which is way too sweet and the nutmeg which make it tastes odd instead.

By the way, we particularly like the very Nyonya style’s interior and decoration ie the old wooden stool, kam cheng. Sometimes if you pay some extra attention to the surrounding, you’ll find yourself enjoy the food more. But ignore all the waiter and waitress there who are Indonesian.


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