Soon-to-be history

This is my last post in 2009 as it will be part of the history, in few more hours. Before we say goodbye to it, why don’t look back and summarize what have happened.

As usual, the year was started off with festive season ie New Year Day and Chinese New Year.

While we were planning for the Valentine’s Day, suddenly she was admitted into Gleneagles Hospital. 4D/3N weekend stay.

Few weeks later, a black cat came into our life. It had broken his leg not long after staying with us. The vet told us to put him to sleep as he think that we shouldn’t spend so much on a stray cat. Well, we never listen to him and now, furfur is so fat like a puppy instead.

Much awaited’s trip was planned for March. For the first time in our life, we visited three countries – China, Hong Kong & Macau. Many good sweet memories too.

It’s also our first time seeing a real Panda in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

A dream holiday destination that I always want to go since I was a boy. That was the day I felt I was only three.

First time to the land full of Casino but we lost money there instead enjoying ourselves.

Soon later, we saved another kitten from the wet market which has now become a monster, meaning destroying everything in the house despite it’s small size. Life is so much different with their presence.

Another short trip in May to our neighbourhood, Singapore where I really had no regret purposely flying there for the world class orchestra of Final Fantasy.

It’s not an easy decision because I proposed to her after almost 4 years of relationship of knowing each other that long, even with a lot of obstacles in my way.

A big birthday present came to me. We were in the top 10 of The Proposal event, first time in my life to win a contest.

After six weeks of class, we completed the Catholic Marriage Preparation Course (CMPC) and got the blessing from God to start preparing our wedding.

Pre-wedding photo session took place after that. Instead of running at the beach or go Putrajaya, Titiwangsa…, we tried some new pre-wedding concepts instead. End up now we have 500+ photos in hand that we don’t know where to start choosing from. We love them all.

Two days before Christmas, we have a new family member. It must be God who sent her to us. She is just not an ordinary kitten. Catch up for my next entry.

At the same time, I was diagnosed with kidney stone. Dr. told me that I might have to go for operations and that really bring me now until two friends recommended me to try our organic treatment.

Though there are also sad incidents in 2009, but never ever let it bring you down. Whatever that’s yet to complete in 2009 will be continued in 2010. Happy New Year 2010 everyone!



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