Christmas Kitty

Our two cats, furfur and oreo are turning 1 year and 10 months respectively this January. How time flies. So I always joke with my FW that we should keep a third kitten, a pure white female kitten and should named it Chelsea. But this was just a dream, the house is too small for another kitten, not to mention the commitment.

Two days before Christmas, when we were doing our regular marketing, the ‘taukeh babi’ asked my FW if she wants a kitten. Another female cat went to his stall and gave birth there. I know that part of her want it, but she didn’t take it. It’s a pure white kitten. My dream cat.

Somehow, perhaps it is God’s will that we should keep a third cat. That night itself, we heard a kitten crying so loud at my area downstairs of my apartment.  The very sad sound tickled my curiosity to look for it when I went out and guess what, I saw a white kitten. I immediately sms my FW and when I came home, the kitten was still crying so she asked me to bring her go see the kitten. And this is how we end up bringing it home (it’s a yellowish kitten, not white^_^)

Furfur was so unhappy to see another kitten at home while Oreo was curious instead. We locked her in the cage and she still couldn’t stop crying. Next morning, we tried to make her some kitten milk but she doesn’t want to drink at all. So we have no choice but to do force feeding and even that was also hard as she throw out whatever we give her. That’s on the Christmas’ eve. Later in the afternoon, we realised that her heart beat seems to be irregular and I remember the vet telling me that cat isn’t suppose to breath so fast. We immediately took her to the vet and the lady dr suggested to go for x-ray.

The x-ray results was really unexpected. As per the dr, this kitten must have been abused by someone before we took it home. Her stomach is now in the lung area, normally in this kind of situation, the dr will do repair surgery but this kitten is too young for it. So she suggested us to put her to sleep. Gosh. My FW cried on the spot and stayed outside with Chelsea. It’s her call now. The chances of Chelsea to survive is very slim, less than 50%. Even if it managed to survive, she won’t be able to live like any other normal cats, this is what we were told.

Although Chelsea was with us for less than a day time, but she is just too cute and we are really in love with her. She sat on my FW’s lap, rub her head on my FW’s hands, and miaw to her, as if she is trying to tell – don’t kill me or throw me away. As such, she has insisted to bring Chelsea home and see how she does for next few days.

The days after that wasn’t an easy day for us, especially my FW who will be home alone. She can’t do force feeding by herself and it’s sad to see Chelsea having difficulty to breath. Everytime when she was sleeping and not moving, we were so afraid that she might die. My FW purposely bought a nursing bottle which she thought that can be used to feed Chelsea milk or water, who knows Chelsea bited off the tip. No drink for three days, how to survive? No choice, still have to force her to drink.

We tried to google search and see what can we do. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything. We were well prepared for the worst that could happen and sometimes, we also wonder if we have make the right decision to not put Chelsea to sleep. At least, she won’t be suffer like this. So happened that we were having a casual talk to the priest on Christmas morning, my FW told him what happened and he agreed that as a Christian, we shouldn’t kill a kitten that way.

My FW put in so much effort to make Chelsea feel the comfort of staying with us and how much we love it. She took Chelsea to sleep with her, hug and comfort it, tried her best to make Chelsea learn how to drink milk, as well as praying hard for Chelsea.

It is really true that sometimes the attention and love from the owner will give the pet strength to survive. Chelsea started to drink milk by herself in the evening of Christmas Day and soon, no more constipation. She can also eat solid food few days later, getting happier staying with us, playing around with Oreo and of course, she  is healtheir.

We can’t deny that Oreo plays an important role too in saving Chelsea. We read an article saying that this is the time when the kitten needs their mum the most. Well, we don’t even know who is her mum but luckily we have Oreo who loves and pamper Chelsea a lot. He will go comfort Chelsea when she was crying, hug and lick her, just like what a cat mother normally do to her baby.

Chelsea is now with us for more than a week. Despite her irregular heart beat, she does very well, and smart too. We learned something new that we never came across while raising up furfur Oreo. While we thought that not to let Chelsea goes out is the best way to protect her from getting too tired, in the end we realise that it’s wrong. Chelsea tends to be happier after having a walk outside. No cat will like to be locked in the house afterall.

She can even climb up the Christmas tree and once a while, playing with Oreo. At first it was hard for me to believe it when my FW told me how Oreo grabbed the ornament from Christmas tree for Chelsea to play. Till I have witnessed it by myself, my godness, Oreo is really like a cat brother.

On a separate note, both of us are really very dissapointed with the vet on how they discriminate a stray cat. I thought all the vet are suppose to help the cats and not everytime also put them to sleep? If we ever listen to them, furfur and Chelsea will no longer happily staying with us, but hate us, while both of us will sure be very guilty for the rest of our lives…


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