My favourite food in town – II

It have been a longtime since i’ve eaten at Bangsar, most of the time i only come here on sundays after church or whenever my 2nd brother feels like having laksa sarawak or any of the other dishes here. I knew about this place all thanks to him ever since i came to Kuala Lumpur to study and then work here. Since then, i make it a point to come over when the opportunity strikes and that day came after church when my FW asked me if i wanted to go eat my favourite meatballs. 


This place has almost everything i want, from curry laksa, economy rice, chicken rice and my hometown laksa. Among all, my top favourite is always the meatball from the economy rice stall. Those regular customer of this stall will sure know how famous is this meatball, you can only get it by 11am onwards and it’s always completely sold out by 1pm. Until today, my FW only manage to figure out 50% of this recipe, which is why I always want to come here to satisfy my palate. I took 10 of the meatballs with white rice and the owner imediately recognise me because i do not speak canton and i do not look local, and he sees me mostly with my brother for the past many years.

 By the way, the Penang Rojak here is another worth-to-try specialty too. The rojak uncle is normally here during lunch time.

Even though the ingredients of this rojak has no difference from any other Penang rojak, but it is the sauce that make it tastes good. If you’re not going to eat it on the spot, would suggest you to ask the uncle pack the sauce separately to maintain the freshness of the ingredients.

Kedai Makanan Nam Chun, 2-4, Lorong Ara Kiri, Lucky Garden, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur


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