Happy Meal

“Happy Meal” is a name that is so familiar to all of us. There are lots of people out there, who are no longer a kids but still fancy happy meal a lot, just like my FW.

Anyway, our topic today is not the Happy Meal that we all know, but something hidden in Petaling Street which also carry the same name brand, arent they afraid to be sued? My FW get to know about this place from one of her colleagues and we journeyed there early in the morning last Saturday.

This shop may be small yet it has lots to offer, ranging from sandwiches, cookies, cakes, pastries and others.

What bring us here are definitely the ever famous mango and durian swiss roll. Put the pricing aside, this is our first time coming across this and how can we walk off without giving it a try?

Frankly, it is really good, thumbs up! I wish that we can buy more, but we just had our fill of some other delicacies nearby. Anyway, there is always next time. And I am sure that I will want to try this durian puff as well when I come here again.

Happy Meal is only open until 3pm daily, so be an early bird if you don’t want to be dissapointed. You can either park somewhere nearby and walk here or just wait at the side like a normal malaysian and buy it, while causing a bad jam and angry mobs. But this is a definite must for those who wants something different.


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