From the oven

My FW comes from a family that can make good cookies, from her late grandma to my future MIL. Starting from her secondary school time, she was forced to help make cookies every cny and she really didn’t enjoy it. Until 3 years back, she joined a baking class conducted by a celebrity chef and pick up her interest in baking again.

Over the past two days, we can smell the aroma of cookies everywhere in the house, yummy yummy. All her cookies are different from what her mum is doing, something new and extraordinary.

Among all, almond thin is my favourite but she will only make this for cny. It’s also the first to finish during cny, everybody love it. Time consuming, lots of work, not to mention costing is extremely high too. I remember seeing some shops selling this before, a small container for twenty over ringgit and you can count how many pieces are there in the container. My FW spent 5 hours yesterday to finish the 1kg of almond flakes, end up we only have about 2 big containers only. By the way, she almost finished a tray of egg as well *egg white only ya*. So how can it be not good? Even our tuxedo cat Oreo also loves it.

Then we have the ever famous chocolate chips, which is better than Famous Axxx. This is really not a joke, this cookies contain  imported choco chips walnuts, oat and cornflakes, which Famous Axxx don’t have. One of our top seller item.

Oat and cornflakes cookies – simply crunchy and tasty. Children will love it.

Melting moments – this round, she modified the recipe a bit by using oats for coating. It tastes exactly like my favourite Iko’s high fiber oat crackers except the size is much smaller.

Old fashion giner cookies – not so much of my liking, but is more for the ladies. Her good friend even requested this for her confinement.

Next is the savory dried prawns cookies. It is something different, anyway I am not a prawn person. Her family likes it as much as she does.

My FW’s childhood favourite – chicken floss roll. Her late grandma would make this every cny, after she passed away, my future FIL took over the role to make this. Now is her turn. It is just something that they must have for every cny – but it won’t be served to the guest^_^ Later on she will make more, but instead of chicken, it would be spicy pork floss that we bought earlier this afternoon at Jalan Alor. Oreo will be ‘busy cat’ again, miaw miaw miaw asking for more.

My FW has received some enquiry for sales but unfortunately she has no time for it and CNY is coming really soon. Anyhow, if it really tempts you, why don’t search for a recipe in internet and start making one today? After few rounds of trial and error, you’ll sure master it well. Happy baking everyone!


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