Curiosity killed KFC

I grew up with KFC for many years ever since i was introduced to it by the media, parents, relatives and it have always top my favourite food list for twenty over years, i would always refused to go to any other fast food joint in the city and anywhere else i have travelled due to my devoted loyalty and the price it give for the meal. Unfortunately, my ‘love’ for KFC comes to the end on last Saturday when I met Popeye’s… not to be confused with the 70’s cartoon Popeye the sailorman.

With its spicy and aromatic Louisiana inspired recipes, Popeyes Chicken and Seafood has turned into a craze since 1972, sweeping across America and the world ever. So far we only know that they have three outlets in Klang Valley – Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley and Cineleisure Damansara. Correct me if I am wrong. For the past few days i have been talking to my friends and collegues about this place, and believe me. They know im a loyalist KFC person, and when i say a food is good they will go and try it out.

Starters for our dinner, what i found out about this is that it’s taste is better compared to the now plain kfc version, but before Popeye;s came i will always order the number 3 set for myself.  As it well worth the money, for a 3 piece chicken. Even Mc’Ds, which have never been my favourite spot, cannot compare itself to this.

KFC’s is nothing compare to this, why i said so without the fear of beings sued. Is because it damn well true, for those who doesnt have Popeye’s in its area. Fear not, either come down to KL to try it out or wait for it to come to you. I was telling myself, because of the popular fanbase of KFC in Kuching and the love for anything chicken, Popeye will close shop.

The 1st time i put this thing into my mouth, the 1st word that came out from it was “WTF… it’s damn delicious.” followed by OMG and so on. Honest, i salute the one whoever made such good recipes. When i ordered it, i asked for a 3 piece chicken, just to compare it to my 1st love, and when they made a mistake and charge me for the 2piece and i asked for the 3piece, they gave me a free chicken with no charge. Take that for service.

The Fish fillet in the list got me wanting to try it, out of curiosity so i did. The buns which is provided, one bite and the whole things melts in your mouth. It is not entirely bread eventhough it looks like it, try dipping it into the creamed potato and you will know what i mean. Even at the time of this writing, my mouth is full of saliva and this weekend im coming for seconds, and R.I.P KFC, you will be missed.


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