MH is Malaysian Hospitality

“MH is not just our airline code, it stands for Malaysian Hospitality.” What a creative tagline that Malaysia Airlines is having.

I believe that many people will not deny the advantage of flying is MAS is you get to have in-flight meal served for free. But you’ll also be surprise how the meal is served, which portray the true Malaysian Hospitality.

“Roti Canai or Nasi Lemak?”, “You nak apa, Roti Canai atau Nasi Lemak?”, “We have Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak, what do you want?”, “Apa you nak?”…

Goshh… it’s simply unbelievable that how can a world class airlines’ stewardess serves meal like this. Or this is actually what do they mean by “Malaysian Hospitality”? May I urge MAS to review their branding campaign? So far we have not experience such service from other low cost airlines, so how can MAS allow this kind of incident to happen? Failure.


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  1. Diana

    very unfortunate for you to have that kind of experience.. I am a much frequent traveller with MAS, and i really experience till now, the Malaysian Hospitality.. Even when i booked my tickets, demand for this or that seat, in-flight for long haul flight, demand this drink, food, this and that etc, i still get it with a smile. When i’m sick, they even offered to give me a panadol, and there was once, asking me whether i want to move to Business Class seat as it’s much more comfy and not much passengers…
    I don’t have any problems with MAS and its tagline though…
    with other airlines even from other countries, they are not as friendly as MAS staff..
    Just talking from my experience

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