Happy Chap Goh Mei. Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day

Today is the last day of 15-days CNY celebration, time really fly fast even before you can trully enjoy the CNY holiday season. Sadly, i got to stay back for work again this CNY, as well as to take care of the three cats which would not last the whole week without me. Monster Oreo was super cranky, results of missing the mummy who was busy collecting ang pow for the last time before getting married. From next year onwards, it’s her turn to give.

A day before CNY celebration ended, we hosted a steamboat dinner for some of our Kuching gang at our very small apartment here in Sentul. Plenty of food were prepared for this dinner, more than enough to feed 5 people, but I was too confident that we can surely finish it, also the result of not wanting to share it, will lead to regrets.

Seafood, tofu and chicken meat was served on the table, which was bought early morning to be prepared later in the evening.

FW also made dumpling (wantan), which symbolised gold. But i would rather it be inside my stomach and make another type of gold. May everyone have more gold this year of Tiger.

Japanese sesame sauce as the dipping sauce. It is now our favourite sauce especially when we are having grilled Salmon, my collegues have asked me what is so good about it and do i even know how to read japanese. I just said one thing, “As long as it is Mayo, anything is good.”

Anchovies broth and spicy Sichuan broth as the soup base. You’d know how hot is the sichuan broth by judging at its colour. It will burns your stomach immediately for many many hours, make your lips numb and also non-stop drinking cold water to cool it down. I guess this was the first and last time we make it as the paste is only available in HKG. I was so full after one round of food, not because I ate a lot but I drank a lot.

A prosperity dish, Yee Sang for a sweet finale. Instead of using thinly sliced Salmon, my FW put in fresh fruits.

Toss up wealth, prosperity, good luck, fortune and etc…

To not waste the leftover ingredients, my FW fried all in a wok and it became a simple yet tasty dish this morning.

It’s still not too late to wish everyone a happy and prosperous Year of Tiger.If you have miss the chance to celebrate Valentines’ Day with your loved one on 14 Feb, do it quick now, you still have few more hours to go. 

Gong Hey Fatt Choy! Happy Chap Goh Mei! Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!


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