My favourite food in town III – Hon Kee Porridge

This stall might look lousy or unclean but don’t let its exterior scare you away, as it serves one of the best porridge in town. Ever since I first tried out their porridge at few years back, it changed my perception towards porridge because what you are getting at Hon Kee is definitely different from what you can cook at home. There is also one particular place like this back in my hometown Kuching, which is as famous but sadly, ever since the maker passed away, the style, taste and exquisitness went with him.


Hon Kee has been in town for more than 60 years and apparently the business is operated by the third generation of the family. A lot of people come here, most of them frequent customers or those who heard of it, and most of all, everytime i come here this place is never empty and in order to get a seat you would need to come here early, either by car or by LRT stopping at the Pasar Seni and a few minutes walk which is worth it once you reach this spot.

My favourite is always the pork innards porridge, for the smooth texture of porridge, plus the crispy pork innards, thinly shredded ginger and spring onion for extra aroma, and a plate of yaw char kway as side dish. Other signature specialties here also include pork meat ball porridge and sliced raw fish porridge. If you do come here, and want to give it a try, order all if your stomach can handle it.

I will also order a plate of chee cheong fun from the stall next to Hon Kee, it may look like a simple dish but it is always satisfying and that tasty feeling in your mouth will never fail to pleasure my hunger span and i will always come back for more and writing this made me want to go back there. ^_^

P/S: Hon Kee Porridge is now also available at Lot 10 Hutong, check it out if you happen to be nearby.

No 93, Jalan Hang Lekir, 50000, Kuala Lumpur. (Petaling Street),   Business Hour – Daily, 5am – 1.30pm




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3 responses to “My favourite food in town III – Hon Kee Porridge

  1. Herbert

    They have an outlet also in damansara uptown. Check out their websit

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