Visit Penang Year 2010: Chapter 3 – Gurney Drive

Almost all the tourists would have been to Gurney Drive for their famous hawker food, a very commercialize eating place that Penang people will hardly go but if you are a visitor with no idea where to go for dinner / supper, this is the place for you. But since we are a tourist and have long heard about it, there is no harm for us to check out this place.

This place is packed with food stalls and people, hence the name “Gurney Drive” . As usual, whenever we are at a place that I am not familiar with, especially when I have no idea what are they talking about all around me, I will just sit down and choose to be served, or order my FW to pick to food for me. A person whom I am going to marry with will know my appetite extremely well. So here is my Penang Char Kway Teow.

How can she leave Penang without ordering her favourite O-Chien? Again, the big oyster served are so fresh and tempting. And fattening too!

Jo is addicted to the assam laksa all over the island, wherever we go we are always told to try this and that and i guess all of it taste the same.

There are quite a number of stalls selling grilled dried squid, which we guess it’s the famous local snacks.

Honestly speaking, there is nothing to shout about regarding the food here. It is just a place where you can find all the famous Penang hawker food, to satisfy your hunger pang, That’s all. Not to mention looking for a parking here could be a headache, unless if you drive like a KL Kuching driver who just simply park next to the roundabout, double yellow line somemore. ^_^

Ok, is now time to go meet Ms. Oh and ‘Balik Pulau’. Good night and sleep tight!


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