Visit Penang Year 2010 – Chapter 4: Balik Pulau & Famous Penang Nasi Kandar

We stayed overnight at Ms. Oh’s house and experience the warm hospitality of Balik Pulau. Everyone woke up early in the morning, packed our stuff, chit chatting with Ms. Oh’s parents before we went for a tour in Balik Pulau a.k.a going back island. Balik Pulau is a main township on the southwest part in Penang Island, it is famous for its durian plantation and paddy fields. So far we didn’t see any public transport that connect Balik Pulau and Georgetown, so I believe one must posses own transport. To me, this place looks similar to Langkawi.

There is only one church in Balik Pulau. It was built since 1854 but was not destroyed at all during the WW2. Possibily the japanese army forgot about this place or it was to deep in the jungle. No one knew about that unless i start asking the local old folks for it’s history.

It is not easy at all to drive here as the road is up and down of the mountain. I cant believe that Ms. Oh who always finish work at midnight has to drive pass here everyday.

Stopped by at Balik Pulau’s look-out point to enjoy the scenary and snapped photos

Here we can see Balik Pulau’s town from the peak and this was our second time here on our way back.

Time for brunch before we go to Georgetown. Initially Ms. Oh wanted to bring us for the most Penang Assam Laksa in Balik Pulau but we were craving for other Penang specialties instead. This is how we end up going to the most famous Penang Nasi Kandar at Air Itam, also joining us was our wedding photographer Andy who is also Ms. Oh’s good friend.

Seriously, all the dishes here are so tempting till we don’t know where to start off. I simply choose here and there and that hoping that it would be good. In the end it did.

This plate of rice and dishes cost us rm9.50, very reasonable compared to what we used to pay in Bangsar that is at least  2 figures. But sometime none of us will know how this mamak charges because Ms. Oh just took a piece of chicken, no beef and it cots her only rm5. So the reason behind could be either they know that we are not local so charge us extra or 2 small sliced of beef plus an egg really costs us extra rm4.50.

Anyway, I am still happy with what I paid, the honey sesame chicken was really appetising and I miss it so much till now. I will sure be back soon, for more definitely.


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