Visit Penang Year 2010 – Chapter 5: City Tour

After the Nasi Kandar meal which we were really happy with it, our tour guide Ms. Oh took us for a city tour at Georgetown. Penang being an island, is actually not huge but it has a number of historical attractions, which is why it is now one of the world heritage city.

Among our selected want to visit attractions, Fort Cornwallis tops the list. We came here once two years back during my first Penang trip, unfortunately it was closed earlier due to fasting month. I was so excited and really looking forward to visit this place, somehow it’s just not my luck to find out that this place is close on Sunday, of all days. So the only thing we can do was just snap photos at the outside. I will make sure when I come to Penang again, the first thing to do is to visit Fort Cornwallis and not food hunting.

Suddenly we really have no idea where to go, ended up simply driving around town. Getting lost and admiring the view.

Passing by this very old Anglican church St. George made me more curious to go in, as my brother asked to me check on any old churches. But in the end i was dissapointed as the caretaker inside shoed us away and in the end took some photo instead .

Peranakan musuem Blue Mansion was also closed, i did not go in or asked around but my FW came back saying its not really worth it. Maybe not then, but soon i will be going back here just to try it out.

Since heritage sites are all out of posibilities, so we decided to go for dessert. Ms. Oh’s super mum recommended us the famous Penang Road Cendol which we had tried once two years back. This place has now been relocated and ms. blur blur isn’t sure where is their new premise, this is how we end up passing by Komtar area for 5 times consecutively.

This place seems to be really famous… full house

Too bad it’s not durian season now, so I have no choice but to order the normal chendol which is not up to my liking, the first trial at 2 years back is better. Those who have really sweet tooth will love it.

It was not in our itinerary to visit Kek Lok Si but we just don’t know where to go. Due to the hot weather, we decided to drive all the way up to the temple instead of walking up the staircase. Surprise to see the Guan Yin statue is almost completed, I still remember contributing to the fund raising during my last trip.

View of Penang from top of the temple

Walking around at the surrounding area under the hot sun, the heat gives you that searing feeling to the skin and felt like it almost burned me.

Bought some Penang’s famous tambun biscuit as souvenir for my colleagues

One last meal in Penang, of course it has to be Penang specialty again – Char kway teow. This is probably the most authentic Penang char kway teow we had during this trip as it has china sausage.

Ok, time to say goodbye to Penang now. Our stomach already start telling us it can’t take more, all of us need to be on diet again. Bye Penang, till I come again soon!


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